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Warning Traffic Sign-Level Crossing Exemption

Pursuant to Regulation 129 (6) of the Traffic Regulations 1976, and pursuant to a subdelegation from the Director of Land Transport Safety by an instrument dated 3 May 1999, I, Peter Graeme Croft, Manager Safer Roads, hereby authorise the erection, installation and maintenance of the warning traffic sign described in the Schedule to this notice for the purposes of Regulation 128 (4) of the Traffic Regulations 1976.
General Purpose of Sign
A Level Crossing Exemption sign is used in advance of level crossings which have been exempted from the requirements of Regulation 11 (2A) of the Traffic Regulations 1976 and mounted as a supplementary sign to a P44 Level Crossing Warning sign.
Description of Sign
(i) Shape and Size: Rectangular, 600mm wide, 250mm high.
(ii) Background Colour: Reflectorised yellow.
(iii) Border: Black.
(iv) Legend: The word EXEMPT in black letters, height 100mm, stroke width 14mm.
Operation of Sign
Any exemption declared in terms of Regulation 11 (3A) in respect of any level crossing is of no effect unless a Level Crossing Exemption sign is erected and maintained in advance of the level crossing.
Dated at Wellington this 15th day of July 2002.
PETER GRAEME CROFT, Manager Safer Roads.