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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Amendment to Transit New Zealand Bylaw 2002/15: Bylaw Regulating the Speed of Vehicles on

State Highways in Transit New Zealand
Regions 13 and 14
Pursuant to section 61 (3) of the Transit New Zealand Act 1989 and section 72 (1) (j) of the Transport Act 1972, Transit New Zealand hereby amends the above bylaw as follows.
A m e n d m e n t
1. This amendment shall come into force 28 days after its publication in the New Zealand Gazette.
2. In the Third Schedule after clause 13, insert:
14. The section of State Highway No. 83 at Otematata, from a point measured 400 metres in an easterly direction from the Otematata River Bridge to a point measured 445 metres in a westerly direction from Loch Laird Road (Route Position 70/14.88 to Route Position 85/1.30);
a distance of 1.7 kilometres.
This amendment is made by delegated authority from the Transit New Zealand Authority.
Dated at Wellington this 30th day of April 2002.
Signed on behalf of Transit New Zealand by:
J. H. VAN BARNEVELD, National Highway Manager.