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The Traffic (Rodney District) Notice No. 4, 2002

Pursuant to section 52 of the Transport Act 1962, and pursuant to an authority sub-delegated to me by the Land Transport Safety Authority of New Zealand dated 9 June 1997, I, Peter Graeme Croft, Manager, Safer Roads, give the following notice.
N o t i c e
1. This notice may be cited as the Traffic (Rodney District) Notice No. 4, 2002.
2. Those localities and roads on the plan numbered LT 0209/4, entitled "Rodney District Roading Speed Restrictions at Puhoi", and held by the Head Office of the Land Transport Safety Authority, and indicated by markings in accordance with the legend on that plan, are declared
to be:
(a) closely populated localities at all times, pursuant to section 52 (1) (c) of the Transport Act 1962;
as may be ascertained from the legend.
The plan and legend are hereby incorporated into this notice.
3. The following notice is revoked:
That part of the Traffic (Rodney District) Notice No. 2, 1990* that relates to roads at Puhoi.
Signed at Wellington this 23rd day of April 2002.
P. G. CROFT, Manager, Safer Roads.
*New Zealand Gazette, 11 October 1990, No. 176, page 3805
(RT01/3/9 Rodney District)