Notice Type
Appointment/Release of Liquidators
Notice Title

Hadcust Properties Limited (in liquidation)

Notice of Appointment of Liquidator
Pursuant to Section 255 (2) of the Companies Act 1993
In the matter of section 241 (2) (a) of the Companies Act 1993, and in the matter of Hadcust Properties Limited (in liquidation):
Notice is hereby given that on the 19th day of December 2001 at 10.20 a.m., William David Sawers was appointed liquidator of the above-named company pursuant to a special resolution entered into the company's minute book.
A director's resolution and certificate that the company is solvent has been filed with the Registrar under section 243 (9) of the Act.
The liquidation commenced on the 19th day of December 2001.
Address for Service: Dent Robertson & Partners, 301
Queen Street East (P.O. Box 46), Hastings. Telephone: (06) 878 7004. Facsimile: (06) 876 0078.