Notice Type
Notice Title

Notice of Intention to Restore Companies to the Register

Companies Act 1993
Take notice that the Registrar of Companies at Auckland proposes to restore the following companies to the Register of Companies:
International X-Port Security Camera and Security Alarm Limited. AK. 974558. Applicant: N. Rowe,
P.O. Box 27-579, Auckland.
Eftcom International Limited. AK. 1004580. Applicant: R. Walls, P.O. Box 2206, Auckland.
Alpine Meats Limited. AK. 538252. Applicant: P. Betschart, P.O. Box 79-276, Auckland.
E. & L. Holdings Limited. AK. 312790. Applicant: E. Inder, P.O. Box 5049, Auckland.
Bill McQuillan Limited. AK. 287378. Applicant: J. McQuillan, P.O. Box 987, Auckland.
Cotterall Farm Limited. AK. 104554. Applicant: J. Cotterall, 4/9 East Coast Road, Milford, Auckland.
Pipeline Techniques Limited. AK. 970798. Applicant: R. Kingswood, P.O. Box 38-235, Te Puni Mail Centre, Wellington.
McLeod Stewart Consulting Limited. AK. 917655. Applicant: R. McLeod, Private Bag 92-162, Auckland.
Dolphin Water Products Limited. AK. 569524. Applicant: P. Mooney, P.O. Box 33-504, Takapuna, Auckland.
East Asia Company Limited. AK. 941283. Applicant: Q. Tan, P.O. Box 19-534, Auckland.
Property Matters Limited. AK. 649412. Applicant: A. Gaze, P.O. Box 758, Auckland.
Zac Holdings Limited. AK. 887639. Applicant: P. Cheng, P.O. Box 27-088, Wellington.
Aaron Properties Limited. AK. 595023. Applicant: G. C. Chapman, P.O. Box 84-148, Auckland.
See The Bigger Picture Company Limited. AK. 1039942. Applicant: A. Reilly, P.O. Box 68-499, Auckland.
HBA Bricklayers Limited. AK. 852923. Applicant: N. James, P.O. Box 58-003, Auckland.
Generator Service Limited. AK. 883383. Applicant: B. Lowe, P.O. Box 113-237, Auckland.
Absent Friends Limited. AK. 852864. Applicant: M. Tinsley, P.O. Box 109-348, Auckland.
The Kiwi Butchery Limited. AK. 968676. Applicant: N. Gibbons, P.O. Box 54-202, Auckland.
Playtime Early Learning Centre Limited. CH. 1004630. Applicant: T. Twomey, P.O. Box 13-376, Christchurch.
Bayswater Limited. CH. 692183. Applicant: K. McLoughlin, P.O. Box 20-222, Christchurch.
Deneb Australia Limited. CH. 672192. Applicant: M. Goodwin, P.O. Box 8, South Melbourne 3201, Victoria, Australia.
A.S.A.P. Floor Sanders Limited. WN. 869131. Applicant: R. Legge, P.O. Box 13-217, Wellington.
Capital Paving Company Limited. WN. 477309. Applicant: M. Mullany, P.O. Box 38-507, Petone.
Brown Marine (Hamilton) Limited. HN. 339224. Applicant: M. Talbot, P.O. Box 19-221, Hamilton.
L R & L Dowling Limited. HN. 653334. Applicant: L. Dowling, 20 Guildford Place, Grosvenor, Hamilton.
The Registrar proposes to act, under section 328 (1) of the Companies Act 1993, on the grounds that these companies were carrying on business or in operation, or some other reason existed for these companies to remain on the Register at the time they were removed from the Register.
Any person who objects to the restoration of these companies to the Register must deliver a notice of that objection in writing to the Companies Office, Private Bag 92-061, Auckland Mail Centre, Auckland, within 20 working days from the date of this notice.
Dated at Auckland this 13th day of September 2001.
NEVILLE HARRIS, Registrar of Companies.