Notice Type
Notice Title

Notice of Intention to Restore Companies to the Register

The Companies Act 1993
Take notice that the Registrar of Companies at Auckland proposes to restore the following companies to the Register of Companies.
V And W. Wanoa Coachlines Limited. AK. 362902. Applicant: T. Parkes, Inland Revenue, Auckland.
Ocean View Manufacturing Limited. AK. 232792. Applicant: S. Vernon, Private Box 302-326, North Shore Post Shop.
Warren Howard Limited. AK. 550348. Applicant: J. Petrie, 5/381 Tamaki Drive, St Heliers, Auckland.
Dominie Limited. AK. 972001. Applicant: T. Dominie, P.O. Box 11-976, Wellington.
Green Structures New Zealand Limited. AK. 620468. Applicant: H. Zhao, 24 Massey Ave, One Tree Hill, Auckland.
Wholesale Outboard Centre Limited. AK. 630348. Applicant: L. Bloxham, P.O. Box 105-270, Auckland.
Evella Enterprises Limited. AK. 462558. Applicant: W. Lee, P.O. Box 136, Wellsford.
Digital MobileLimited. AK. 856780. Applicant: P. Simpson, 32 Lambie Drive, Manukau, Auckland.
David Moody Design Limited. AK. 552833. Applicant: U. Gogtay, 40 Reboubt Road, Manukau City, Auckland.
Effex Limited. AK. 800999. Applicant: S. Couper, 50 Rose Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland.
Amkis Developments Limited. AK. 640619. Applicant: B. Kutia, P.O. Box 10-176, Auckland.
System Engineering Technology Limited. AK. 583824. Applicant: B. Hedayaty, P.O. Box 8620, Auckland.
Airways Engineering Limited. AK. 609419. Applicant: C. Watt, P.O. Box 47-585, Auckland.
Pashons Marketing Limited. AK. 667039. Applicant: S. Fleming, P.O. Box 21-496, Auckland.
Network Travel Wellington Limited. AK. 847117. Applicant: P. Houston, P.O. Box 881, Auckland.
Sewa International Limited. AK. 976962 Applicant: M. Imran, 293 Ti Rakau Drive, Office No.9 Drive, East Tamaki, Auckland.
Lifestyle Trends Limited. AK. 699408. Applicant: M. Gordon, Private Bag 92-162, Auckland.
Knightwatch Surveillance Limited. WN. 557261. Applicant: R. Lewis, P.O. Box 1147, Palmerston North 5315.
Construction Service Company Limited. WN. 030794. Applicant: C. Irwin, P.O. Box 39-477, Wellington Mail Centre.
Amorphous Developments Limited. WN. 1004942. Applicant: A. Walker, 6/224 Elizabeth Street, Wellington.
CB Holdings Limited. WN. 908872. Applicant: D. Chapman, P.O. Box 859, Wellington.
Genesis Marketing Corporation Limited. WN. 275355. Applicant: B. Moses, P.O. Box 260-073, Auckland.
La Mousse Martinborough Limited. WN. 858057. Applicant: D. Donohue, 13-17 Jellicoe Street, Martinborough.
GGS No. 3 Limited. Applicant: N. Milton, P.O. Box 2219, Auckland.
GGS Group Limited. WN. 843178. Applicant: N. Milton, P.O. Box 2219, Auckland.
Digital Motion Pictures Limited. CH. 705787. Applicant: P. Hurring, P.O. Box 47, Ponsonby, Auckland.
Amberley Roundwoods Limited. CH. 853567. Applicant: J. Newton, 19 Ashworths Road, Amberly.
United Property Holding Limited. HN. 625206. Applicant: L. Wykes, P.O. Box 170, Huntly.
Awaroa Thoroughbreds Limited. HN. 164679. Applicant: A. Ormond, P.O. Box 46, Hastings.
The Gisborne Wine Company Limited. HN. 649750. Applicant: J. Thorpe, P.O. Box 347, Gisborne.
Cappadonna Limited. HN. 1006039. Applicant: M. Thompson, 12 Harvey Road, Napier.
Mountain View Golf Limited. Applicant: H. Kwon. C.P.O. Box 312, Auckland.
The Registrar proposes to act, under section 328 (1) of the Companies Act 1993, on the grounds that these companies were carrying on business or in operation, or some other reason existed for these companies to remain on the Register at the time they were removed from the Register.
Any person who objects to the restoration of these companies to the Register must deliver a notice of that objection in writing to the Companies Office, Private Bag 92-061, Auckland Mail Centre, Auckland, within 20 working days from the date of this notice.
Dated at Auckland this 2nd day of August 2001.
NEVILLE HARRIS, Registrar of Companies.