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Land Notices
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Revocation of the Reservation Over a Reserve Specifying the Manner of Disposal and How to Utilise Proceeds of Sale

Under the Reserves Act 1977, the Community Relations Manager of the Auckland Conservancy of the Department of Conservation revokes the reservation as a local purpose (road) reserve over the land described in the Schedule and declares that the land may be disposed of by the Manukau City Council at current market value, the proceeds of such sale to be paid into the council's reserves account, to be used and applied in or towards the improvement of other reserves under the control of the council, or in or towards the purchase of other land for reserves.
North Auckland Land District-Manukau City
1012 square metres, more or less, being Lot 900, D.P. 19656, situated in Block I, Wairoa Survey District. All certificate of title 48C/754. Subject to the Reserves Act 1977.
Dated at Auckland this 23rd day of October 2001.
(CO LBY 17-011)