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Land Notices
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Notice of Final Decision to Assign Place Names in the Ross Dependency Area, Antarctica

Notice is hereby given of the final decisions of the New Zealand Geographic Board to assign the names stated in the first column of the Schedule below, to the places described in the second column of the said Schedule and that such decisions shall take effect on 14 September 2001.
Sauna Cave 77 32' S, 167 08' E. A fumarole of significant size, located 450m south-east of Western Crater on Mount Erebus, Ross Island, at height 3569m.
Keble Valley 77 13' 15" S, 166 26' 32" E. Valley lying south-east, inland of the New Zealand hut at Cape Bird, Ross Island. The name æKeble' has been in common usage for 20 years.
New College Valley 77 13' 15 "S, 166 26' 15 "E. Valley facing north-west, inland of Coughley Beach Cliffs, near
Cape Bird, Ross Island. The name "New College" has been in common usage for 20 years.
Ross Sea 74 00 'S, 179 00' E. The Ross Sea is an extensive bight in the coast of Antarctica, almost due south of New Zealand. It lies between Victoria Land on the west and King Edward VII Land on the east, and is bounded southward by the Ross Ice Shelf. Its northern limit starts at Cape Adare at the west, and extends directly northward to 70 South Latitude; then easterly along 70 South Latitude to
170 West Longitude; then in a straight line running south-easterly to Cape Colbeck. It includes both the Pennell Bank and the Iselin Bank.
Dated at Wellington this 18th day of October 2001.
W. K. SHAW, Secretary, New Zealand Geographic Board Nga Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa.