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Land Notices
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Change of Classification of Reserves-Mangakotukutuku Gully, Hamilton City

Under the Reserves Act 1977, and to a delegation from the Minister of Conservation, the Community Relations Manager for the Waikato Conservancy of the Department of Conservation hereby changes the classification of the reserves described in the Schedule hereto from that shown in the parenthesis in the Schedule to recreation reserve.
South Auckland Land District-Hamilton City
m2 Being
2089 Lot 11, D.P. S. 24560 (local purpose (esplanade) reserve).
99 Lot 12, D.P. S. 24560 (local purpose (accessway)).
657 Lot 13, D.P. S. 24560 (local purpose (road)).
4452 Lot 14, D.P. S. 24560 (local purpose (road)).
1.0471 Lot 102, D.P. S. 9484 (local purpose (road)).
Dated at Hamilton this 17th day of January 2001.
(DOC Ref: LPR 0600)