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Land Notices
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Classification of Reserves-Aberfoyle Park,

Olwyn Green
Pursuant to the Reserves Act 1977, and to a delegation from the Minister of Conservation, the Hamilton City Council hereby classifies the reserves described in the Schedule hereto as recreation reserve, subject to the provisions of the said Act.
South Auckland Land District-Hamilton City
m2 Being
1697 Lots 38 and 39, D.P. S. 4639 (balance certificate of title Volume 1746, folio 84).
9449 Lot 34, D.P. S. 4639 (formerly part certificate of title Volume 1241, folio 29).
1960 Lots 11 and 13, D.P. S. 24600 (formerly parts certificate of title Volume 531, folio 211).
3373 Lot 11, D.P. S. 52400 (formerly part certificate of title No. 37C/932).
Dated at Hamilton this 7th day of May 2001.
ANTHONY JOHN MARRYATT, Chief Executive, Hamilton City Council.