Notice Type
Incorporated Societies
Notice Title

Revocation of Dissolution of Incorporated Societies

Section 28 (3) of the Incorporated Societies Act 1908
The Registrar of Incorporated Societies is satisfied that the dissolution of the following incorporated societies ought to be revoked and has declared accordingly:
Abbeyfield Whangarei Incorporated CH. I.S. 701489 (7 December 2000).
Christchurch School of Gymnastics Incorporated
CH. I.S. 220496 (7 December 2000).
New Zealand Galdiolus Council Incorporated
CH. I.S. 219644 (7 December 2000).
Dominion Poodle Club Incorporated WN. I.S. 216691
(20 November 1997).
Hawaiki Nui Tua Rua Waka Ama Ki Otaki Incorporated WN. I.S. 584254 (28 September 2000).
Manawatu Savage Club Incorporated
WN. I.S. 216544 (15 February 1995).
New Zealand Fellowship OFSAG Incorporated
WN. I.S. 413758 (28 September 2000).
Hawkes Bay Community Islands Community Radio Incorporated HN. I.S. 814157 (13 September 2000).
Youth For Christ South Auckland Incorporated
AK. I.S. 352145 (6 September 2000).
With this publication such societies are revived from the date of their dissolution as if no dissolution has taken place.
MA'ATA KOLOVE LAVULO, Assistant Registrar of Incorporated Societies.