Notice Type
Incorporated Societies
Notice Title

Corrigendum-Restoration to the Register

Pork Processors Association Incorporated
Incorporated Society No.: WN. I.S. 215739
The name of this incorporated society was returned to the Register on the 7th day of November 2001.
Its name had been removed on the 22nd day of September 2001.
The name was inadvertently removed from the Register pursuant to a notice in the New Zealand Gazette, 14 June 2001, page 1330.
The name should not have been removed, as that notice related to the intended removal of a number of limited liability companies.
Accordingly, it was proper that the Register be corrected by returning the name of the society to the Register.
The registration of this society continues unaffected.
Dated at Auckland this 19th day of November 2001.
NEVILLE HARRIS, Registrar of Incorporated Societies.