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General Section
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Notification of Rate of Levy-

18 December 2001-30 September 2002
The New Zealand Vegetable and Potato Growers' Federation hereby advises that, in accordance with clause 12 (1) of the Commodity Levies (Vegetables) Order 2001, the rates of levy for the period commencing 18 December 2001 and ending 30 September 2002 have been fixed by the federation council as follows:
Fresh vegetables-domestic 0.45%
Fresh vegetables-export 0.325%
Asparagus 0.15%
Export squash 0.15%
Fresh tomatoes 1.0%
Process tomatoes 0.15%
Potatoes 0.75%
Process vegetables 0.5625%
Dated at Wellington this 27th day of November 2001.
P. R. SILCOCK, Chief Executive.