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2001 United States Beef and Veal Tariff Rate Quota Allocation

Pursuant to section 33 of the Meat Board Act 1997, notice is given that the New Zealand Meat Board has allocated
United States Beef and Veal Unallocated Reserved Quota Allowance for the 2001 Quota Year, commencing 1 January 2001.
The revised allocations of General and Reserved Quota Allowance are as follows:
Company General Quota Allowance
(tonnes p.w.) Reserved Quota Allowance
(tonnes p.w.) Total Quota Allowance
(tonnes p.w.)
Affco New Zealand Limited 41,712.2 41,712.2
Alliance Group Limited 11,868.6 11,868.6
Blue Sky Marketing Limited 468.2 468.2
Canterbury Meat Packers Limited 7,966.8 7,966.8
Dairy Meats Limited 4,686.6 4,686.6
Canterbury Meat Packers/Five Star Beef Limited (Consortium) 3,064.0 3,064.0
Greenlea Premier Meats Limited 11,756.8 11,756.8
Horizon Meats New Zealand Limited 716.7 716.7
Masterpiece Trading Limited 758.3 758.3
Outlands Export Limited 158.9 115.0 273.9
Phoenix Meat Company Limited 3,472.6 3,472.6
PPCS Limited 15,525.9 15,525.9
Richmond Limited 64,471.4 64,471.4
Riverlands Limited 17,683.3 17,683.3
Taylor Preston Limited 6,072.8 6,072.8
UBP Limited 10,473.4 10,473.4
Wallace Corporation Limited 6,148.3 6,148.3
Wilson Hellaby Limited 6,282.0 6,282.0
Total 207,004.8 6,397.0 213,401.8
Note: Totals may not add due to rounding.
The allocation mechanism used is as set out and described in the Quota Allowance Allocation System in Respect of United States Beef and Veal Tariff Rate Quota, copies of which are available from the board.
Dated at Wellington this 15th day of November 2001.
A. DOMETAKIS, Board Secretary, New Zealand Meat Board.