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General Section
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Dental Technicians (Fees) Notice 2001

1. Title and commencement-This notice may be cited as the Dental Technicians (Fees) Notice 2001 and shall come into force on 1 April 2001.
2. Fees-Pursuant to section 79A of the Dental Act 1988, as amended by the Dental Amendment Act 1999, the Dental Technicians Board sets the fees payable to the Board specified in the Schedule to this notice.
3. Fees inclusive of Goods and Services Tax-The fees are inclusive of goods and services tax.
Fees Payable
(a) Application for registration under this Act
(i) as a Dental Technician, New Zealand qualified
(ii) as a Clinical Dental Technician $120.00
(iii) as a Dental Technician by an overseas qualified Dental Technician
(b) Addition or alteration to the Register Nil
(c) The issue of an annual practising certificate $385.00
(d) The issue of any other certificate, or a copy of any certificate
(e) The supply of a copy of any entry in the Register
(f) Inspection of the Register or of any other documents kept by the Board that are open for inspection

(g) The supply to any practitioner of any documents, other than certificates of registration, required by him or her for the purposes of seeking registration overseas

(h) Examinations set or approved by the Board
(i) Overseas examination $1250.00
(ii) Overseas examination, resit practical only
(iii) Overseas examination, resit theory and viva voce only
(i) Supply copy of Register (each) $35.00
All fees are unchanged, with the exception of (h) (iii) which sets the fee for resitting the practical examination for overseas qualified dental technicians. This was not previously provided for.
Dated at Auckland this 9th day of January 2001.
MURRAY WELLS, Secretary, Dental Technicians Board.