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Establishment of a New School

Pursuant to section 146 of the Education Act 1989, I hereby establish a secondary school to be known as
Howick South Secondary School
at Kilkenny Drive, Howick South, Auckland.
In its first year, the school will open for instruction with
Form 3 (Year 9) students only, and will then build its roll
1 year level at a time over subsequent years, as shown in the following Schedule.
Year Levels Catered for
2004 Form 3 (Year 9)
2005 Forms 3-4 (Years 9-10)
2006 Forms 3-5 (Years 9-11)
2007 Forms 3-6 (Years 9-12)
2008 Forms 3-7 (Years 9-13)
Dated at Wellington this 12th day of November 2001.
TREVOR MALLARD, Minister of Education.