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Subsequent Consultation on Proposed 2002/03

Self-employed Work Account
Premium Regulations
ACC will be consulting on extra Regulations for the 2002/03 Self-employed work account.
The proposed Regulations introduce:
? A reduced weekly compensation option under ACC CoverPlus Extra policies based on capacity to work. This is a lower priced cover option.
? The ability of non-PAYE shareholder-employees to purchase ACC CoverPlus Extra as if they were
ACC is keen to have public input on the proposal before
it makes recommendations to the Minister for Accident Insurance.
The ACC Board will make its recommendations to the Minister in December 2001.
ACC would like to invite premium payers to make submissions on the proposed Regulations.
Full details of the proposed Regulations have been set out in a discussion paper.
Copies of the discussion paper are available by contacting ACC on 04 918 7923 or by writing to:
Self-employed Work Account Consultation
P.O. Box 242
Copies of the discussion papers are also available from ACC's web site:
Submissions must be in writing and received by ACC no later than 5.00 p.m. on Thursday, 22 November 2001.