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Notice of Medical Practitioner Who May Prescribe, Administer, or Supply Controlled Drugs For The Treatment of People With Drug Dependence

Pursuant to section 24 (5) (a) of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975, I, Dr David George Chaplow, acting under the delegated authority of the Minister of Health, hereby approve
Dr John William MacDonald Boyd, in practice at Linwood Avenue Medical Centre, 279 Linwood Avenue, Christchurch
as a medical practitioner who may prescribe, administer, or supply controlled drugs for the purposes of section 24 (5) (a) of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975 subject to the following specific conditions:
(a) Prescription of controlled drugs is limited to the drug methadone;
(b) prescription of methadone may only be made to patients registered at Dr Boyd's practice who have been assessed as requiring methadone treatment
for opioid dependence by a gazetted methadone service; and
(c) only designated locums working in Dr Boyd's practice, but no other medical practitioners, may prescribe methadone to Dr Boyd's patients with
Dr Boyd's permission in writing.
Dated at WELLINGTON this 27th day of August 2001.
DR DAVID CHAPLOW, Director of Mental Health.