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Notice of Claim

This notice is given pursuant to section 89 (1) (c) of the Public Trust Office Act 1957.
To all creditors and claimants of Kelly Consulting Limited (a company that ceased trading in September 1999 and was deregistered in January 2001).
The sum of $3821.65 has been paid to the Public Trustee to hold in the name of the deregistered company.
A claim is pending for the full amount held.
This claim has been lodged by Caroline Mary Kelly, the former sole shareholder of the company.
The Public Trustee is proposing to pay the amount of the claim (less associated costs) to the claimant, subject to any notice of claim being received on or prior to 26 July 2001.
Any person having any interest in priority to that of the claimant is to submit a claim to the Public Trust Central Service Centre, P.O. Box 31-543, Lower Hutt (Attention: Wayne Agent) on or prior to the above-mentioned date.
Note: This is the first and only notice of this claim.