Notice Type
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Notice of Order Striking Off Practitioner's Name From Roll

M. No. 74/01
In the matter of the Law Practitioners Act 1982
Pursuant to section 119 of the Law Practitioners Act 1982, notice is hereby given that on 26 February 2001, the
New Zealand Law Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal ordered as follows:
1. That the name of John Andrew Tannahill be struck off the Roll of Barristers and Solicitors of the High Court of New Zealand.
2. That John Andrew Tannahill not be ordered to pay any amount:
(a) by way of costs of and incidental to the inquiry by the tribunal, or the inquiry by the district council and the complaints committee; or
(b) by way of expenses of the investigation carried out.
3. That John Andrew Tannahill not be ordered to pay any amount by way of monetary penalty or fine.
4. Permanent suppression orders be made suppressing the names of John Andrew Tannahill's clients, former firm and former partner.
5. No order be made giving the sanction of the tribunal, under section 66 (1) (b) of the Law Practitioners Act, to allow the practitioner to be employed as a solicitor's clerk, but leave is reserved for him to make another application if and when he has details available of proposed employment.
Dated at Wellington this 21st day of May 2001.
R. B. W. GILL, Registrar.