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Notice Title

Initiation of Dumping Investigation: Refrigerators and Refrigerator-Freezers From Korea

Notice is hereby given that, acting pursuant to section
10 (1) of the Dumping and Countervailing Duties Act
1988, and under delegated authority from the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Economic Development, I have initiated an investigation to determine both the existence and effect of the alleged dumping of the goods described in the Schedule to this notice, originating from Korea, being satisfied that sufficient evidence has been provided that:
(a) The goods imported or intended to be imported into New Zealand are being dumped; and
(b) By reason thereof, material injury is being caused to a New Zealand industry producing like goods,
and also being satisfied that the collective output of those New Zealand producers who have, in writing, expressed support for the application constitutes:
(a) Twenty-five percent or more of the total New Zealand production of like goods produced for domestic consumption (assessed during the most recent representative period, being not less than 6 months); and
(b) More than 50 percent of the total production of like goods produced for domestic consumption (as so assessed) by those New Zealand producers who have, in writing, expressed support for or opposition to the application.
Description of Goods
"Household type combined refrigerator-freezers fitted with separate top and bottom external doors or drawers up to and including a total gross volume of 500 litres and single door refrigerators with a total gross volume of not less
than 60 litres, the capacities determined by standard AS/NZS4474.1997".
The goods are currently classified under Tariff Item 8418.10.00 and Statistical Keys 02C, 05H, 07D, 11B and
14G, and Tariff Item 8418.21.00 and Statistical Keys
01C, 03K, 05F, 07B and 12J of the Tariff of New Zealand, which classification is provided for convenience and Customs purposes only, the written description being dispositive.
Dated at Wellington this 12th day of December 2000.
RORY MCLEOD, Manager, Trade Remedies Group.
Invitation for Submissions
A copy of the non-confidential version of the Initiation
Report, which contains details of the consideration of the application for an investigation, is available from the Manager, Trade Remedies Group, Competition & Enterprise Branch, Ministry of Economic Development, P.O. Box 1473, Wellington.
Interested parties are invited to make submissions to the Trade Remedies Group on the alleged dumping and injury.