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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Approval of Flashing or Revolving Amber Beacons

Pursuant to Regulation 67 (8) of the Traffic Regulations 1976, I, John Andrew Justice, Principal Engineer, Land Transport Safety Authority, hereby approve the fitting of not more than 2 flashing or revolving amber beacons to the vehicles specified in Schedule 1 of this notice, subject to the conditions specified in Schedule 2.
For the purpose of this notice, a beacon is a warning lamp comprising one light source, emitting a flashing or revolving amber beam of light. A beacon may also comprise additional light sources for purposes other than emitting a flashing or revolving amber beam of light. Any such additional light sources are not covered by this approval and must therefore comply with all applicable requirements of the Traffic Regulations 1976 and the Transport (Vehicle Standards) Regulations 1990.
Schedule 1
Approved vehicles:
Vehicles operated by Works Infrastructure Limited that are configured in such a way as to prevent a single flashing or revolving amber light from being visible to all road users in all directions.
Schedule 2
(i) The beacon(s) must be fitted to the vehicle so as to ensure maximum visibility to other road users.
(ii) The beacon(s) must be fitted so that the direction of the light emitted is approximately parallel to the ground.
(iii) The beacon(s) must emit a consistent cycle of amber light with a frequency of 2 to 4 Hertz.
(iv) The beacon(s) must have incandescent light sources and the maximum wattage of each light source must not exceed 70 Watts.
(v) The beacon(s) may be operated only while the vehicle and the vehicle's operator are in performance of their duties, and only for the purpose of indicating to other road users
the presence of a potential hazard relevant to the operation of the vehicle.
(vi) The beacon(s) must be switched off as soon as the vehicle and the vehicle's operator have finished performing their duties, or as soon as the hazard for the operator or other road users is no longer present.
(vii) Unless traffic is under the control of a police officer, adequate warning signs shall be erected as soon as practicable in advance of any hazard indicated by the beacon(s).
(viii) A copy of this notice must be carried in the vehicle at all times and must be readily available for inspection.
Signed at Wellington this 11th day of December 2001.
J. A. JUSTICE, Principal Engineer, Land Transport Safety Authority, acting under authority delegated to me by way of an instrument of delegation dated 15 October 1999.