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Approval of Specific Central Tyre Inflation System

Pursuant to Regulation 2 (4) (c) (ii) of the Goods Service Vehicle (Constructional) Regulations 1936, and pursuant to the powers delegated to me by the Director of Land Transport Safety, I, Laszlo Andras Hidvegi, Senior Policy Engineer, hereby approve the central tyre pressure control system specified in Schedule 1 for vehicles fitted with tyres, subject to the conditions specified in Schedule 2.
Schedule 1
Make of the System: Tire Pressure Control International Limited
Model: Redline - ELTEK
Schedule 2
1. The pressure protecting valve of the system must be chosen or adjusted so that the vehicle, to which the central tyre pressure control system is fitted, remains in compliance with Regulation 2 (4) (c) (i), (iii) (A) and (iii) (B) of the Goods Service Vehicle (Constructional) Regulations 1936.
2. The speed at which the OVERSPEED warning light will automatically switch on, must not be higher than 50km/h.
3. The function, which starts inflating the tyres automatically if the "Overspeed" condition persists for more than 1 minute, must always be operational.
Dated at Wellington this 25th day of September 2001.
LASZLO ANDRAS HIDVEGI, Senior Policy Engineer.