Notice Type
Notice Title

Certificate of Registration

In the High Court of New Zealand, Wellington Registry
In the matter of Part II of the Partnership Act 1908, and in the matter of Silverwood Forest Corporation Limited and Company (Forest Partnership), being the Special Partnership:
It is hereby certified, pursuant to section 51 of the Partnership Act 1908, that:
1. The name of the Special Partnership is:
Silverwood Forest Corporation Limited and Company (Forest Partnership).
2. The names, places of residence and capital contributions of the General and Special Partners are set forth in the Schedule hereto.
3. The business of the partnership will be as follows:
Agriculture, forestry and tree farming.
4. The principal place at which the business of the partnership will be situated at:
Whitby, Wellington.
5. The partnership commenced business on the 10th day of September 1990 and, subject to the provisions in the Partnership Deed relating to earlier dissolution, shall terminate upon the expiry of 7 years from the date of this registration.
General Partner:
Silverwood Forest Corporation Limited, 17 Crowhurst Street, Newmarket, Auckland; nil capital.
Special Partners:
Alan Stuart Meadows; Gordon William Whiteacre, Dianne Elizabeth Whiteacre and Independent Trust Company Limited as trustees in the Whiteacre Family Trust; Kendall Thomas Crooke; Alan Daniel and Beverley Joy Crowe; Alistair John Ward and Robin Michael Seal as trustees in the R. M. Seal Family Trust; Ashley Donald Frew and Carollynn Frew as trustees of the Carollynn Trust; Barbara McKean Westra; Brendan John Robinson; Bruce John Poole and Linda Margaret Poole; Campbell Hector Hancock; Clinton Douglas Frogley and Joan Elizabeth Frogley as trustees of the Elizabeth Lloyd Trust; David Chawner; David Curtis Frame, Catherine Frame and Cheshire Nominees Limited as trustees of the Frame Family Trust; David Lunn and Christine Lunn as trustees in the Lunn Family Trust; Dianne Thackray and Jon Thackray; Don Faville Newport; Donald Brian Bendall; Donald Ross Hugill; Graeme Arthur Charles Jackson and Phyllis Ellen Jackson; Graeme John Webb; Graham Cowley; Gregory Rex Keymer; Ian Alexander Hally and Grant Ian Hally; Jan Laten Foster; Jennifer Bronwyn Keymer; Joan Charlotte Mill; John Kenneth and Lorna Agnes Ballard; John Kenneth Ballard and Brendan John Robinson as trustees of the Ballard Family Trust; John Vercoe and Elizabeth Anne Bould; Jonathan Albert Kuttner, Eira Kuttner and Cheshire Nominees as trustees in the Kuttner Family Trust; Joy Ann Foster; Judith Ann Foster; Judith Margaret Swan; Michael Donald Wood and Brendan Jonathon Wood; Noel Joseph Murphy; Pamela Elizabeth Carpenter, Logan Daryl Carpenter and Raymond William Wheeler as trustees of
the A. S. Carpenter Family Trust; Peter Bradney Bould and Jennifer Helen Bould as trustees in the Peejay Bould Trust; Peter Jacob Frederik Duynstee and Cheshire Nominees Limited as trustees in the Peter Duynstee Trust; Peter Liese and Annette Liese; Peter Scott Martin and Tristine Anne Martin and Cheshire Nominees trustees in the Martin Family Trust; Raymond John Hilton; Raymond William Wheeler; Richard Lionel Benjamin; Susan Elizabeth East; trustees in the Sutherland Trust; Andrew Peter Tuckey, Grant Ian Hally and Colin Brian Wilson; and Warwick Stanley Vause, all of Auckland. Yoko Sakamoto of Japan. Edward John Jones; Malcolm Davis; Michael Frederick Sloane; Peter George Staub and Lynne Patricia Staub; and Barrie Gilbert Stacey and Sylvia Stacey, all of Australia. Laurence Mark Smith and Robina Grace Helen Smith of Cambridge. John Macdonald Nimmo; Mary Elizabeth Stone; and Richard Hugh Acland, all of Christchurch. Quentin de Serville of England. Geoffrey Leonard Goodrick and Rose-Marie Goodrick; Julie Ann Lam; Richmond Ormonde and Beverley Anne Butler, all of Hamilton. Alan John Greaves of Hawera. Jeffrey Nevil Price; and Wayne Douglas McEwan and John Austad both of Lower Hutt. John Kensit Riley and Ngaire Riley of New Plymouth. David Bruce Fraser of North Shore City. Raewyn Dallas Kirkman of Raglan. Sau-Yu Henry and Edith Julina Chan
of Singapore. Peter Ganley of Thames. Peter William Workman and Margaret Yvonne Workman; trustees in the
P. M. and S. D. Hyland Family Trusts, both of Timaru. Barry Trevor McLeod, Lynn Christina McLeod and Alan Ross Marshall as trustees of the B. T. and L. C. McLeod Family Trust; Derek John Moller, Adrienne Phyllis Moller and Roger Thomas Schroder Brebner as trustees in the D. J. and A. P. Moller Trust; Warren Elliot Jonas, David James Underwood and Donald Eric Forsyth as trustees in the Jonas Family Trust, all of Upper Hutt. Donald Leslie Frew and Josephine Jeanette Frew; Eoin Malcolm Miller Johnson, Kathleen Margaret Johnson and Euan Lindsay Taylor Wright as trustees of the Aratas Investment Trust; John Charles Saunders and Gillian Jane Saunders; John Harold Tracy Wilkinson and Patricia Christine Wilkinson; and Selwyn James Cooper, all of Wellington; all the above having contributed $12,800.00.
Arbor Finance Limited; Christopher Maxwell Walker, Neil Wallace Murdoch and Noelene Anne Murdoch as trustees in the Neil and Noelene Murdoch Trust; Ross Philip Pinkerton, Graeme Victor Dods and Robert Gordon Foster as trustees in the Pinkerton Trust; William Cecil John Knox Pollock and Gladys Deborah Pollock as trustees of the Chelsea Family Trust; and William Cecil John Knox Pollock, all of Auckland. Chin-Nu Kan Lin; Shan-Ying Lin; Wan-Lai Lin; and Yu-Ting Lin, all of Australia. Alice Ruth Murray and Cheshire Nominees as trustees of the Alice Ruth Family Trust of Raglan; and Mokopuna Investments Limited of Wellington; all having contributed $25,600.00.
McQuade Forest Limited of Auckland; having contributed $128,000.00.
Whitby Corporation of Wellington; having contributed $294,400.00.
Greenoch Forest Limited of Auckland; having contributed $307,200.00.