Notice Type
Notice Title

Certificate of Registration

In the High Court of New Zealand, Wanganui Registry
In the matter of Part II of the Partnership Act 1908, and in the matter of McQuade Forest Limited and Company being the Special Partnership:
It is hereby certified, pursuant to section 51 of the Partnership Act 1908, that:
1. The name of the Special Partnership is:
McQuade Forest Limited and Company.
2. The names, places of residence and capital contributions of the General and Special Partners are set forth in the Schedule hereto.
3. The business of the partnership will be as follows:
Agriculture, forestry and tree farming.
4. The principal place at which the business of the Partnership will be situated at:
Parapara Road, Wanganui.
5. The partnership commenced business on the 31st day of July 1986 and, subject to the provisions in the partnership deed relating to earlier dissolution, shall terminate upon the expiry of 7 years from the date of this registration.
General Partner:
McQuade Forest Limited and Company, 17 Crowhurst Street, Newmarket, Auckland, nil capital.
Special Partners:
Murray Andrew Murdoch; Nola Anne Abraham; Aileen Brenda Hughes; Alan Daniel and Beverley Joy Crowe; Alan John Greenwood; Alan Murray Leslie; Alan Rockley Tomlinson; Alexander Blair; Alistair John Ward and Robin Michael Seal as trustees; Allan Geoffrey Cattle; Andrea Rebecca Pearson; Andrew and Heather Thompson; Andrew Walter Birkill; Andrie Hart and Lesley Wilfred Divers as trustees; Anna Douschka Saunders; Bevin James May; Bruce Clifton and Lorraine Anne Seddon; Bruce Griffith and Sarah Jane Burton; Bruce Selwyn and Elizabeth Anne Pollard; Catherine Elizabeth Jackson; Christine Heather Hilton-Jones; Christopher John Batstone; Christopher Rae Earnshaw; Clinton Douglas Frogley and Joan Elizabeth Frogley as trustees; David Chawner; David Malyon Blackwood Robinson; David Winston Dyde; Deirdre Gail Robinson; Donald George and Christine Mary-Louise Foley; Donald William McBeth; Edward John and Cynthia Lorraynne Audain; Eric Ian and Frances Maree Campbell; Eric Neil Anderson; Evelyn Frances Budden; Francis Cloudesly Watson; Fredrick Edward Webb; Gary Peter Hussey; Gordon William and Dianne Elizabeth Whiteacre; Graeme Andrew MacKay; Graeme Arthur Wheadon; Graeme David Jackson; Graeme John Lepper, Sharon Lea Lepper, Dianne Elizabeth Sullivan and Wayne David Buchanan as trustees; Graeme John McDonald; Graham and Alice Wilson as trustees; Grant Waugh and Russell Hyde; Gregory Charles Baker; Ian Christopher O'Reilly; Ian Russell Hyde; Isabelle and Lauren Gervolino; Isobel Joan Wilson; Jane Marina McGill; Jeffrey and Pamela Joan Foster; John Clifford Martins; John Desmonde Clarke; John Kenneth Ballard; John Robert Duffin; John Spring; John Trevor and Ronald Craig Dutton; Julie Christine and Stewart Burns Salisbury; Karen Denise and James Pollington Burr; Keith Ernest Budden; Keith Michael Murdoch; Kenmure Management Limited; Leslie David Chappell; Linda Kathleen Jumelet; Linda Margaret Poole; Lloyd Chesney Cullen; Lucie Cornelia MacDonald; Malcolm Campbell McLeod; Malcolm David Beuth; Margaret Lynne and Hugh James Cronwright; Mary Elizabeth Crotty; Michael David Herbert; Michael Eric Bradbury; Michael John and Karen Elizabeth Pilbro; Michael John Revell; Michael Munro Eason; Russell John Hollings and Mr Geoffrey Clifford Banks; Neil Bishop; Neil Kenneth and Julianne Rose Flyger; Pamela Elizabeth Carpenter, Logan Daryl Carpenter and Raymond William Wheeler as trustees; Pamela Melanie Blow; Pat and Jeanette Monaghan; Patricia A. Herbert; Paul Bradley and Sherrie Elaine Ford; Paul Hayskayne; Peter Jacob Frederik Duynstee and Cheshire nominees Limited as trustees; Peter John Morrin; Peter Laurenson Jones; Phillip Lowe; Prakash Manilal Patel; Raymond William Wheeler; Rex McCormack; Richard Hugh Acland; Robert Clyde Hines; Robert Geoffrey East; Robert John Eason; Robert Leonard Crawford; Robert Maurice and Melinda Frances McCarthy; Ronald Arthur and Gay Therese Johnstone; Rosemary Enid Delamare, Roy Ivor Forsyth, Arne Sandelin and Harry John Delamare as trustees; Ross Buchanan and Susan Mary McAlpine; Russell Daniel and Barbara Ann Hyde; Sally Ann Rennie; Sandra Marquerite Collett and Andrew Francis Hobbs as trustees; Sarah Ann Jackson; Sharon Lynnette Murdoch; Stanley Winston Deisher; Stephen Ross and Penelope Hope Grinter; the trustees in the Hampton Family Trust; the trustees in the Sutherland Trust; Thomas David Cashen; Timothy John and Jeanette Maree Wilton; trustees in The R. B. Wills Family Trust and William Hardy, all of Auckland. Alan M. F. Stapleton and Antoinette A. Bearman; Anthony Peter Ward; Christine Elizabeth Newlove; Gregory John Lindsay McColl; Helen Frances McColl; John Graham Broadway; Julie Christine Salisbury; Michael Frederick Sloane; Peter George Staub; Richard James Elmer; Stephen Robert Mouat and Stewart Burns Salisbury, all of Australia. Heather Dianne East, of Canada. Ari John Sargent; Noel Laurance Hancock; and Warren Dellow and Leonie Jean Cameron, all of Christchurch. Peter Andrew Hobbs, of Dunedin. Murray Paul Hyde of Franklin; Geoffrey Leonard and Rose-Marie Goodrick; John Kenneth Slavich; Paul Frederick Herbert; Richmond Ormonde and Beverley Anne Butler; Wilhelmina Elizabeth Were and Barry Joseph Were and William Henry and Frances Joan Bartels, all of Hamilton. Rachel Jane Hobbs, of Kerikeri. Donald Ross Hugill, of Kumeu. Neil Murray Edwards, of Lower Hutt. Pamela May Hughes, of Mangawhai Heads. Cameron Kenneth Shanks, of Maungaturoto. Avril Margaret Filmer, of Nelson. Robbie Norman Cumming, of Paeroa. Alan David Smeaton, of Palmerston North. Denise Anne Moore, of Papamoa. David John Taylforth and Ronald and Eunice Bronwyn Preston, of Rotorua. David William Shaw and Josephine Muriel Shaw, of Tauranga. Bernard William and Heather Rae McDonald; Morris James McDonald and Ngaio Alice McDonald and Murray James McDonald as trustees, of Tuakau. Christopher Gavin Brickell, Patricia Alexandrina Brickell and Cheshire nominees as trustees, of the United States of America. Peter John and Jennifer Kaye Birchall, of Waimauku. Thomas Alfred Gavin and Mary Hilda Smith, of Waipu. James William Wilson and Neil Geoffrey and Vicky Rae Phillips, of Wanganui. Michael Allen Ayers, of Warkworth. Janet Gaye Cooper and Robin Trevor Staub, of Wellington. Cory James Chappell-Dunning, of Wellsford: All having contributed $6,000 capital.
Ashley Donald Frew and Carollynn Frew as trustees; Christopher Maxwell Walker, Neil Wallace Murdoch and Noelene Anne Murdoch as trustees; David and Christine Lunn as trustees; David Curtis and Catherine Frame and Cheshire Nominees Limited as trustees; Fountain Holdings Limited; Graham Stanley Mountfort; Louise Mary Mountfort and Cheshire Nominees as trustees; Karen Anne Delamare, Peter Anthony Delamare, Roy Ivor Forsyth and Peter Albert Craighead as trustees; Martin James Wheatcroft Rees; Mt Albert Gymnasium Club; Paul Carter; Peter Bradney Bould and Jennifer Helen Bould as trustees; the trustees in the Harry John Delamare Family Trust, all of Auckland. Alistair Evan Rhys Davies, of Palmerston North: All having contributed $12,000 capital.
Peter Scott Martin, Tristine Anne Martin and Cheshire nominees as trustees, of Auckland. Alice Ruth Murray and Cheshire nominees as trustees, of Raglan: Both having contributed $18,000 capital.
Selwyn James Cooper, of Wellington: Having contributed $24,000 capital.