Notice Type
Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Notice Title

Land Transfer Act Notice

Notice is hereby given that the parcel described in the Schedule will be brought under the Land Transfer Act 1952, unless a caveat is lodged forbidding the same before the 30th day of May 2000.
Lodged under application No. A. 449053.1 (A. 14009) by Robert James Spencer and Eleanor Margaretta Spencer.
Part rural section 133 (Deeds Index 3CS 54) containing
12 square metres being part of the land shown as Lot 1
on Land Transfer Plan 81899 in the name of Henry
James Ranger.
A plan of the land may be inspected at Land Information New Zealand, Christchurch.
Dated at the Christchurch Land Information New Zealand Office this 23rd day of March 2000.
The Registrar-General of Land by:
MICHAEL HART, District Land Registrar.