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Food Standards

The Australia New Zealand Food Authority advises progress on the following matters relating to food standards. You can get further information on each of these matters (including advice on the authority's policy regarding submissions, where applicable) from the ANZFA web-site or from:
The Information Officer
Australia New Zealand Food Authority
P.O. Box 10-559
The Terrace
Telephone: (04) 473 9942
Facsimile: (04) 473 9855
Call for Submissions-Matters at Full Assessment
The authority has made preliminary assessments, accepted the following applications for further consideration and will now make full assessments of them. You are invited to present written submissions to the authority, including the potential regulatory impact on consumers, industry and government, by Wednesday 5 July 2000:
o Maximum Residue Limits (A409)-An application from the National Registration Authority to amend Australian Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) for a number of agricultural chemicals as currently prescribed in the Australian Food Standards Code.
Food sold in New Zealand which is either domestically produced or imported (other than from Australia) must comply with the MRL provisions of the New Zealand Food Standard 1999 and the New Zealand Food Regulations 1984. Food imported from Australia must comply with either the New Zealand MRLs or the Australian MRLs.
o Pasteurisation of Orange Juice (A411)-An application from the South Australian Department of Human Services to require all orange juice, other than freshly squeezed orange juice for immediate consumption on the same premises, to either undergo a pasteurisation process that would kill pathogenic bacteria, or be labelled to ensure consumers are informed of the risks associated with the consumption of unpasteurised orange juice.
Matters Before Council
The authority has made recommendations to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Council that the following variations be adopted into the Food Standards Code:
o Folate Health Claims (P218)-A proposal to amend the Food Standards Code to list additional products in the table to subclause (e) of Standard A1 (19) and the folate/NTD health claims register.
o Review of Standard T1 (P220)-A proposal to vary Standard T1 Transitional Arrangements for the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Setting System, to allow for the effective implementation of draft Standard 1.3.1 Food Additives.
With respect to these matters, the authority is satisfied, pursuant to section 36 of the ANZFA Act, that they raise issues of minor significance and complexity and that to omit to invite public submissions prior to making recommendations to the Council would not have a significant adverse effect on the interests of any person or body.
o Ethylene Oxide in Herbs and Spices (A412)-An application to establish a Maximum Residue Limit (MRL) of 20 mg/kg for ethylene oxide (EtO) in herbs and spices.
With respect to this matter, ANZFA has decided, pursuant to section 37 of the ANZFA Act, to progress this application as a matter of urgency in order to avoid compromising the objective set out in subsection 10 (1) (a) of the Act, namely the protection of public health and safety.