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1999-2000 United States Lamb Tariff Rate Quota Allocation

Pursuant to Section 33 of the Meat Board Act 1997, notice is given that the New Zealand Meat Board has revised the allocations of United States Lamb Tariff Rate Quota for the 1999-2000 Quota Year, commencing 22 July 1999.
The revised allocations of Reserved Quota Allowance are as follows:
Company General Quota Allowance (tonnes product weight) Reserved Quota Allowance (tonnes product weight) Total Quota Allowance (tonnes product weight)
Advanced Foods of New Zealand Ltd 879.158 879.158
Affco New Zealand Ltd 1,732.140 1,732.140
Alliance Group Ltd 2,561.897 2,561.897
ANZCO Green Island Ltd 51.187 51.187
Belloon Meats Ltd 6.713 6.713
Canterbury Meat Packers Limited 632.588 632.588
CR Grace Ltd 18.496 18.496
Crown Marketing Ltd 75.283 75.283
Crusader Meats New Zealand Ltd 103.998 103.998
Davmet New Zealand Limited 110.783 110.783
Fern Ridge Meat Marketing (NZ) Ltd 37.501 37.501
Highford Marketing Ltd 9.322 9.322
Horizon Meats New Zealand Ltd 547.997 547.997
James Bull Holdings Ltd 296.121 296.121
Lean Meats Ltd 726.574 726.574
Masterpiece Trading Ltd 32.909 32.909
Musgrave Meat Holdings Ltd 13.791 13.791
New Zealand Lamb Co. (North America) Limited 128.951 128.951
Pilot New Zealand Ltd 61.755 61.755
PPCS Ltd 2,396.955 2,396.955
Progressive Gisborne Ltd 29.831 29.831
Richmond Limited 2,413.902 2,413.902
Taylor Preston Limited 1,018.815 1,018.815
Te Kuiti Meat Marketing Limited 91.003 91.003
Turner New Zealand Ltd 47.545 47.545
Waitotara Meat Co Ltd 456.387 456.387
Wallace Meats Limited, Piriaka 0.000 0.000
Total: 14,336.786 144.816 14,481.602
Note: Totals may not add due to rounding.
The allocation mechanism used is as set out and described in the "Quota Allowance Allocation System in Respect of United States Lamb Tariff Rate Quota", copies of which are available from the Board.
Dated at Wellington this 2nd day of May 2000.
A. DOMETAKIS, Board Secretary, New Zealand Meat Board.