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General Notices
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Scandia International Insurance Corporation

Proposed Release of Deposit
Pursuant to the Insurance Companies' Deposits Act 1953
Scandia International Insurance Corporation (hereinafter called "the company") has given notice to the Public Trustee that it has ceased to carry on the business of insurance in New Zealand and that it proposes to withdraw, pursuant to section 19 of the Act, the deposit which has been made by it with the Public Trustee.
The Public Trustee therefore gives notice, pursuant to section 19 (3) of the Act, that being satisfied that all liabilities of the company in New Zealand in respect of such insurance business have been fully liquidated or provided for, he proposes to release to the company on or after
20 June 2000, the amount deposited with him by the company.
Any objections to the release of the amount deposited should be lodged with the Public Trustee at the Public Trust Office, 117-125 Lambton Quay, Wellington on or before
10 June 2000.
Dated at Wellington this 24th day of May 2000.
L. B. WONG, Assistant Public Trustee.