Notice Type
Notice Title

Notice of Intention to Remove Companies From

the Register
I intend to consider the removal of the under-mentioned companies from the Register under sections 318 and 320 of the Companies Act 1993.
I am satisfied that companies have ceased to carry on business and there is no other reason for these companies to continue in existence.
Written objections to the companies' removal, specifying the grounds relied on, can be made under section 321 of the Companies Act 1993.
These must be delivered to the District Registrar of Companies at Hamilton within 20 working days of the date of this notice.
4 X 2 Construction Limited.
Abbotts Trading Company Limited (in liquidation).
Adventure-Link Limited.
Agnew Electrical (1989) Limited (in liquidation).
Annterr Financial Services Limited.
Arawa Fisheries Limited.
Auto Exchange (Hastings) Limited.
Base Services Limited (in liquidation).
Beat Street Enterprises Limited (in liquidation).
Beetals Clothing Company Limited.
Blue Sky Adventure Tours Limited.
Brocian Investments Limited.
Burgo Finance Limited.
C H Harrison Limited.
C M Nathoo Limited.
Caffray Holdings Limited.
Caprilion Limited.
Cellphones Direct Limited (in liquidation).
Channel Pack Systems Limited.
Charteris Wireline NZ Limited.
Cherubz Clothing Limited.
Clover Leaf Distributors Limited (in liquidation).
Comtec Industries Limited.
Construction Marketing Limited.
Corrigans Service Station (Hawera) Limited.
Cottonwood Holdings Limited.
Court Cars Limited (in liquidation).
Creel Tackle House (1997) Limited.
Cupboard Holdings Limited.
D A C Concrete Limited (in liquidation) (now known
as Driveway Specialist Limited.)
Dama Exporters Limited.
Deano's Bar and Grill Limited.
Design Applications Limited.
DIMAX Limited.
Document Management Co (Waikato) Limited.
Douglas International Exports Limited (in liquidation).
Dri All (New Zealand) Limited.
E F Griffiths Limited (in liquidation).
E G Stuart Builders Limited.
Easy Media Hawkes Bay Limited.
Elco Fisheries Limited.
Emmaus Technology Limited.
Famille Industries ( N Z ) Limited.
Five Star Trucking Limited.
Force Majeure Limited.
Formation Homes Limited (in liquidation).
Fortec Paint & Panel Supplies Limited (in liquidation).
Franklin & Signal Limited.
Frontline Connections Limited.
Furnray Developments Limited.
Future Services Limited.
G & C Tilyard Limited.
G L Limited (in liquidation).
Gaswise Limited.
Giles Rossiter Limited.
Global Products Limited.
GPS Limited.
Great Lake Computers Limited.
Guy & Skelton Developments Limited.
Hatuma Engineering Supplies Limited.
Health Systems Limited.
Health-Med Group Limited.
Hills Refrigeration Limited (in liquidation).
Hodges Auto Electricians Limited.
Horomatangi Properties (No.21) Limited.
Horomatangi Properties (No.26) Limited.
Horton Bakeries Limited.
Hoverflite Experience Limited.
Hurle Investments Limited.
I.Q.I. Concrete Placing Services Limited (in liquidation).
Isobar Forestry Investments Limited.
Isothermal Limited.
J. & T. Quinn Limited.
J.B. Training Limited.
J.F. & S.F. Phillips Limited.
Jack It Manufacturing Limited.
Jackson Lempriere Limited.
Jacksons Buildings Te Aroha Limited.
Jaymore Holdings Limited.
Jim Design Limited.
Josephine Fashions Limited.
Just Law No. 102 Limited.
Kaimai Dairy Sheds Limited (in liquidation).
Kawhia Charters Limited.
King Logging Limited (in liquidation).
Kingcat Industries (1990) Limited.
Kinross Farms Limited.
L.R. & M.J. Ward Limited.
Lura Corporate Services Limited.
M & R Watson Limited.
Macadamia Nuts of New Zealand Limited.
Mayfair Entertainment Limited (in liquidation).
Meadow View Farm Limited.
MHM Associates Limited.
Mobility Plus Limited (in liquidation).
Modern Leadlights Limited.
Monolite New Zealand Limited.
Moray Farm Limited.
MTO Logging Limited (in liquidation).
Multiform Construction Limited.
N H Udy Limited.
N. & M. Shotter Limited.
N.B. & D. Gillard Limited.
Nelson Park Store (1993) Limited.
Neptune Utilities Limited.
Nukuhau Investments Limited.
Nutkin Holdings Limited.
Oceanis Limited (in liquidation).
Oseweld Limited (in liquidation).
P & R Consultants Limited.
P.E. Clark Limited.
Paisley Homes Limited.
Palmer Logging Limited (in liquidation).
Parage Management Limited (in liquidation).
Paretai Deer Limited.
Parker Methode Champenoise Limited.
Patoka Store (1994) Limited.
Patrician Properties Limited.
Performance Marine Limited.
Plastic Welded Products (1993) Limited.
Portside Estate Limited.
Premier Industries Limited.
Progress Marketing Limited.
PVS Limited.
Quadrant Enterprises Limited.
Quality Glass And Joinery Limited.
Quantum Business Development Limited (in liquidation).
R Dockery And Co Limited.
R G Spencer Limited.
R.J. Wilson Limited.
Ramjet Properties Limited.
Ravaru Properties Limited (in liquidation).
Redvers Dewn Limited.
Refrigeration Management & Development Limited.
Rhea Investments Limited.
Robern Developments Limited.
Robert Blackman Limited.
Roddis Construction Limited (in liquidation).
Rotorua Spa Resorts Limited.
Rural Drainage Services Limited (in liquidation).
S & A Vercoe Transport Limited.
S. J. Pauling Limited.
Sabena Holdings Limited.
Select Alarms B.O.P. Limited.
Shane Reardon Transport Limited.
Shortland Motors Limited.
Sign Stylz Limited (in liquidation).
Skilling Plasterers Limited.
Standard 310 Limited (in liquidation).
Stellar Enterprises Limited (in liquidation).
Steptoes Limited.
Stop Cabs (Taupo) Limited (in liquidation).
T & J Burden Limited.
Tamber Holdings Limited.
Taranaki Dental Labs Limited (in liquidation).
Te Puna Reo O Te Whetu Tawera Trust Incorporated
(in liquidation)
Technic Engineering Limited (in liquidation) (now known as Sutton Engineering Limited.)
Telenz Limited.
The Performing Arts Company Limited (in liquidation).
The Sweetwood Furniture Company Limited.
The Te Aroha Investment Company Limited.
Timberlea Taumarunui Limited.
Total Cleaning Equipment Limited (in liquidation).
Trans Haulage Holdings Limited.
Trans Haulage Limited.
Trio Finance TGA Limited.
Tuck Bros Limited.
Tutaetoko Timber Co Limited.
Typera Investments Limited.
Union Galvanizers (1995) Limited (in liquidation).
Vanguard Management Limited.
Visuals-Training & Marketing Limited.
Waihi Road Developments Limited (in liquidation).
Waikato Decorators (1990) Limited.
Waimea Worldwide Limited.
Weldpool Limited (in liquidation).
Wilderness Properties Limited.
Write Finance Limited (in liquidation).
Xith and Company Limited.
Yuyai Enterprises Limited.
Postal Address for Written Objections: The Registrar of Companies, National Processing Centre, Private Bag
92-061, Auckland Mail Centre, Auckland.
Facsimile Number for Written Objections: (09) 912 7787.
Telephone Number for Inquiries: (0508) 266 726.
NEVILLE HARRIS, Registrar of Companies.