Notice Type
Notice Title

Notice of Intention to Remove Companies From

the Register
I intend to remove the under-mentioned companies from
the Register under sections 318 and 320 of the Companies Act 1993.
I am satisfied that these companies have ceased to carry on business and there is no other reason for these companies to continue in existence.
Written objections to the company's removal, specifying the grounds relied on, can be made under section 321 of the Companies Act 1993.
These must be delivered to the District Registrar
of Companies at Hamilton within 20 working days of publication of this notice.
3 Design Engineering Limited.
42/46 Pharazyn Street Limited.
A & E Publishers Limited.
A & I Investments Limited.
A 'N' J Traders Limited (formerly known as Auckland Thrusting Company Limited) (in liquidation).
A D Whatmough Contracting Limited.
A Q Enterprises Limited.
A V Walsh Enterprises Limited.
A.I.C. Limited (in liquidation).
Acbs Institute Limited.
Adb Investments Limited.
Ad-I-Tude Media Consultancy Limited.
Adp Technology Limited.
Advance Management & Personnel Consultants Limited.
Advice Corporation Limited.
Agmeq New Zealand Limited.
Aiko Holdings Limited.
AIS Computer Systems Limited (in liquidation).
Albanian Investments Limited.
Albatross Yachting Limited.
Alberta Developements Limited.
Alexander Crescent (No. 1) Limited.
All About Landscaping Limited.
Allen Hill Construction Limited.
Allison Consultants Limited.
Alloy Blocks Limited.
Alpha Waterblasting Services Limited.
Alpine Construction Limited.
Altitude Investments Limited.
Amancha Consultancy Limited.
Americaone Limited.
Ami Wholesale Freight (NZ) Limited.
Ams Partners Limited.
Andel Trading Limited.
Ander Contracting Limited.
Angle Street Panel & Paint 1999 Limited.
Anglo American Motorcycle Club Limited.
Anything Plastic Limited.
Aotearoa Finance Limited.
Aquanauts (N.Z.) Limited.
Arandee Products Limited.
Araunah Holdings Limited.
Artemis Equipment Company Limited.
Ashworth Sheetmetals Limited.
Atomic Developments Limited.
Auckland Automotive Repair Center Limited.
Auckland City CV's Company Limited.
Australasian Business and Fax Directory Limited.
Australian Pacific Container Line Limited.
Auto Transporters Limited.
Automation and Security Limited.
Automotive and Technical Services Limited.
Avon Property Holdings (McL) Limited.
AVSHA Holdings Limited.
AWP Developments Limited.
Axiomatic Systems Trading Limited.
Axis Contract Management Limited.
B & G Roofing Limited.
B & M Jelaca Limited.
B & N Properties Limited.
B Hutchinson Transport Limited.
Bankfix Finance Limited.
Baokang Co. Limited.
Barry Cathcart & Associates Limited.
Bartlett Properties Limited.
Barworks Limited.
Baseline Two Limited.
Basham And Sons Limited.
Basra Foods Limited.
Battenburg Properties Limited.
Bay Earthworks Limited.
Bay Residential Limited.
Benson Blenkarn Holdings Limited.
Bernford Properties Limited.
Best Entertainment Corporation Limited.
Best Fresh Limited.
Bethune Construction Limited.
Bian Vegetarian Restaurant Limited (in liquidation).
Bill Carr Tractors Limited.
Biological Air Control Limited.
Bio-Science International Limited.
BIS Telecom Limited.
Bistro Cookware Limited.
Black Magic Emu (N.Z.) Limited.
Blood Sweat And Tears Limited.
Bloodstock Airfreight Services (1990) Limited.
Bodman Holdings Limited.
Borch NZ Limited.
Brabant Textiles South Island Limited.
Brady & Brady Limited.
Braefield Holdings Limited.
Brano's Wines & Spirits Limited.
Braybrook Enterprises Limited.
Bridge Storage Limited.
Bryce & Chapman Limited.
Build Up Limited.
Burgess Enterprises Limited.
Burnett Enterprises Limited.
Business Success Group Limited.
Business Travel Brokers (1993) Limited.
Buzz Group Limited (in liquidation).
C A & S Batters Limited.
C.V. Holdings Limited.
Carelle Services Limited.
Carrera Industries Limited.
Carte Blanche Designs Limited.
Carter Management Limited.
Century Video (NZ) Limited.
Challenge Design & Build Limited (in liquidation).
Challenge Training Centre Limited.
Challenge Yachts Limited.
Charisma Signs Limited.
Chaturvedi Holdings Limited.
Chen New Farm Company Limited.
Chua Investments Limited.
Cie NZ Limited (in liquidation).
Clip Furniture Limited.
Colin Silby Marine Limited.
Combined Automotive Resellers Limited.
Compugroup Limited (in liquidation).
Comsec Investments No.4 Limited.
Comtec Limited.
Congere Investments Limited.
Consult Limited.
Consultenz Limited.
Contact Machinery Limited.
Contract Fire Security Limited.
Contractors Insurance Services Limited.
Coral Distributors Limited (in liquidation).
Corporate Capital Group Limited.
Cranson-Taylor Press Limited.
Cuban Heel Limited (in liquidation).
Cybercurrent Limited.
D T Forsyth Limited.
Dalmore Investments Limited (in liquidation).
Dan Jones Construction Limited.
Davis Lighting Limited.
Decor Materials (NZ) Limited.
Deighton Intergraphika (N.Z.) Limited.
Devonport Enterprises Limited.
Devoy Baker Consultants Limited.
Dezenal Holdings Limited.
DH & RM Investments Limited.
Dialogue Limited.
Dimension Investments Limited.
Displays Limited.
Doctor Ian Pogson Limited.
Domains4rent Limited.
Door Systems (Waikato) (1996) Limited.
Dot Company Limited.
Dunedin Hair Limited.
E.C.N. International Limited.
E.H.L. Distribution Limited (in liquidation).
Eagle Alarms (Central) Limited.
Eagle Alarms (Waikato) Limited.
Eagle Internet Services Limited.
Ebitda Investments Limited.
Eden International Limited (in liquidation).
Eden Warmbloods Limited.
Edwinton Limited.
Effective Investments Limited.
Elite Car Valet Limited.
Elite Property Services Limited.
Ellerslie Residential Limited.
Ellerslie Wholesale Imports Limited.
Ellicott Transport Limited.
Elmore Ventures Limited.
EMS Technologies Limited.
Endeavour Promotions Limited.
Environmental Resources Management Limited.
Eon Corporation Limited.
Equine Tours and Promotions Limited.
Equity Group Limited.
Euro Homes Limited.
European Tyres N.Z.Ltd
Europlaster Limited.
Everest Enterprises Limited.
Excelsior Print Limited.
Exquisite Living Limited.
Fabulous Foods Limited.
Farnborough Services Limited.
Farthest Corner Limited.
Fastax Services Limited.
Felice Serena Cruises Limited.
Find Limited.
First Realty (Hibiscus Coast) Limited.
Fitzroy Tavern Limited.
FJ & VL Grieve Limited.
Flying Wedge Cafe Limited.
Focus New Media Limited.
For Health Limited.
Forestry Joint Venture Limited.
Frankton Heating Limited (in liquidation).
Fraser Crowe Limited.
Freedom Kitchens Limited.
Furn Tree Design Limited.
G D R Tourist Rentals Limited.
Gabon Investments Limited.
Gadsby Enterprises Limited.
Garnet Keene Limited.
Generator Services Limited.
Geoffrey R Dreadon Limited.
GFL Limited (in liquidation).
Gibbs Holdings Limited.
Gilbeys New Zealand Limited.
Glendowie Gardens Village Limited.
Global Data Solutions Limited.
Global Marketing Limited.
Globesmart International Limited.
Go Kiwi Internet Limited (in liquidation).
Goal Financial Services Limited.
Golden Falcon Limited.
Goldmark Finance Limited.
Goodman Properties No 9 Limited.
Grand Innovation Company Limited.
Grange Tyre Services Limited.
Green Door Software Limited.
Grenway Investments Limited.
Greyhound Australia N.Z. Limited.
Greywalls Proprietry Limited.
Ground Control Footwear Limited.
Guess Distributors NZ Limited.
Guzzlers Group Limited (in liquidation).
H & H (1996) Limited (in liquidation).
H Dell & Son Limited.
Halldene Rest Home Limited.
Hanover Investments Limited.
Hansford Electrical Limited.
Harvest Hamper Company Limited.
Haybittle Footwear Limited.
HBA Bricklayers Limited.
Heat-Rite International Limited.
Henderson Rental Cars Limited.
Henderson Security Limited.
Herbert Street Developments Limited.
Herd Investments Limited.
Heritage Motors Limited.
Herne Bay Business Centre Limited.
Hickson Properties Limited.
Hillsborough Travel (1994) Limited.
Hilton Jones Medical Limited.
Hire Me Limited.
Hobson Bay Terraces Limited.
Hobsonville Developments Limited.
Hosokawa & Co (NZ) Limited.
Hot Water Beach Investments Limited.
Hot Water Beach Plumbing Services Limited.
House Purchasers Limited (in liquidation).
Howick Realty Limited.
Hunters & Collectors Limited.
I C Lloyd Limited.
Ideas Laboratory Limited.
Ikon Limited.
Imex Limited.
Impact Chemicals Limited.
In Escrow Limited.
Inpac Investments Limited.
Institute For Global Ethics (New Zealand) Limited.
Intact Agri Pty Limited.
Integra Marketing Limited.
International Marine Engineering Services NZ Limited
(in liquidation).
Island Liquor Limited.
Italia Direct Limited.
J & E Consultants Limited.
J&D Marketing International Company Limited.
J. Clarke Holdings Limited.
Jackson & Palmerston Limited.
Jacron Holdings Limited.
Jam Trading Limited.
James Burton Limited.
Jantiques Limited.
Jason Investments Limited.
JB's Limited.
Jetboats Worldwide Limited.
Jetset Insurance Services (N.Z.) Limited.
Jjm Demolition Co Limited (in liquidation).
John Denton Marketing Limited.
John Holden Limited.
John Kaldor Fabricmaker N Z Limited.
John Nash Builders Limited.
Johnsonville/Newlands Glass and Glazing Limited.
Jonquil Investments Limited.
K N Forests Limited.
K.T. Footwear Limited.
Kadmas Kleening Limited.
Kakahu Promotions Limited.
Kalabo Motors Limited.
Karney Nominees Limited.
Khan's Company Limited.
Kim Asian Modelling Agency Limited.
Kimo Enterprises Limited.
Kinloch Management Limited.
Kintyre Printers Limited.
Kipo Utility Contractors Limited.
Kiwi Environmental Limited.
Kiwi Green Technology Limited (in liquidation).
Kiwi NZ Properties Limited.
Klaassen Plastic Surgery Limited.
Klaytons Bushcraft Treks Limited.
Konings Creative Limited.
Kowhai Fisheries Limited.
Kowi International Holdings Limited.
KYM Contracting Limited.
L Stericker Limited.
Ladstone Meadowbank Limited.
Lakeview Funeral Service Limited (in liquidation).
Landfill Limited.
Larchwood Developments Limited.
Laundry Home Delivery Limited.
Leader Trading & Consulting Group Limited.
Leadership Development Limited.
Leapfrog Limited.
Leisure Rail Limited.
Lewis & Ramsey Panelbeaters & Spraypainters (1987) Limited.
Li Michael Company Limited.
Lincoln North Drycleaners Limited.
List Brokers of New Zealand Limited.
Livedrive Enterprise Training Limited.
Lochore Distribution Limited.
Log Haulaway Limited (in liquidation).
Lovelock Avenue Terraces Limited.
Lustre Groom Limited.
Lyko Enterprises Limited.
M & O Co. Limited.
M & W Scott Limited.
Mahanga Holdings Limited.
Mainprop Commercial (1999) Limited.
Manutara N.Z. Limited.
Mara Limited.
Marine Design Limited.
Marketing Technologies Australia Pty Limited.
Marty Samuels Limited.
Mary E. McKearney Limited.
Matrix Finance Limited.
Maurice Walker Holdings Limited.
MBD Company Limited.
McCarthy Publishing Limited.
McCathie International Limited.
MCM Technology Limited.
McNeil Enterprises Limited.
Meerkat Holdings Limited.
Meridian Systems Limited.
Metro Plumbing & Drainlaying Limited.
Metronav Limited.
Metsec Holdings Limited.
Mishda Corporation Limited.
Mobile Accessories Limited.
Modern Bags Limited.
Morrison Properties (1990) Limited.
Mount Terrace Management Limited.
Mountfield Investments Limited.
Multilink Systems Limited.
Multi-Style Displays (1993) Limited.
Multi-Styles Tube And Wire Limited.
Murray Mason Electrical Limited.
Myocevich Enterprises Limited.
N L Cowie Limited.
N Z Motor Mowers Limited.
N.Z. Climbing Limited.
Naho Properties Limited (in liquidation) (formerly known as Montebach Holdings Limited)
Naho Services Limited (in liquidation).
Najee New Zealand Limited.
National Promotions Limited.
Needham (No.1) Limited.
Network Entertainment (New Zealand) Limited.
New Deco Investment Limited.
New Friendship Limited.
New Millennium Immigration and Travel Services Limited.
New Millennium Investments Limited.
New Zealand Lifecare Properties Limited.
Newell Holdings Limited.
Newmarket Hobbies & Toys Limited.
Nicks Just Cuts Limited.
Nicola Fashions Limited.
Nimai & Associates Limited.
Nitro-Design International Limited.
Nivara Developments Limited (in liquidation).
Norman & Ramsay Limited.
North Harbour Carriers Limited.
North Shore Car Auctions Limited.
North West Management Services Limited.
Northland Chilled and Frozen Products Limited
(in liquidation).
Northland Shelf Company No.21 Limited.
NZ International Removals Limited.
NZSA Venture Limited (in liquidation) (formerly King Pie New Zealand Limited)
Oak Ridge Systems Limited.
Obsidian Limited.
Ocean Time Limited.
Omni Video Limited.
Onewa Securities Limited.
Onex Group Limited.
Optical Developments Limited.
Optimum Computer Training & Services Limited.
Orbit Investments Limited.
Orchardists & Growers Direct Limited.
Oriana Finance Limited.
Ortha Systems Limited.
Orthopaedic Appliances N Z Limited.
Outdoor Media Limited.
Outdoor Network Limited.
Owen J Knock Limited.
Oxus Investments Limited.
P & S Group Contractors Limited.
P.C. Installation Services Limited.
P.C.S. Solutions Limited.
Pacific Dragon Nominees Limited.
Pacific Fried Chicken Limited.
Pacific Gear International Limited.
Pacific Global New Zealand Import Export Limited.
Pacific Health Mate Saunas (1997) Limited.
Pacific Machinery Limited.
Pacific Maple (NZ) Limited.
Pacific Media Limited.
Pacific Target Limited.
Pacific Wood Co. (NZ) Limited.
Pacifica Restaurant and Takeways Limited.
Pairat & Associates Limited.
Papakura Commercial Cleaners Limited.
Parateck Holdings Limited.
Party Hire Centre Limited.
Paving Protection Systems South Auckland Limited.
Peekaboo Limited.
Penes Paperchase Limited.
Penney Promotions Limited.
Phigra No.87 Limited.
Photo Time Limited.
Picton No. 2 Limited.
Pilkington Lotto Outlet Limited.
Platnium Development Limited.
Plumbing & Drainage Services Limited.
PMA Investments Limited.
Point Holdings Limited.
Polychrome New Zealand Limited.
Pop Culture Limited.
Positive Insurance Limited.
Prentice Communications Limited.
Pre-Pine Forestry Training Services Limited (in liquidation).
Presidential Homes New Zealand Limited.
Price Wizard (NZ) Limited.
Primary Mental Health Services Limited.
Profile Four Limited.
Protek Security Limited.
Pukehau Enterprises Limited.
Pukenui Electrical Limited.
Pulse Clothing Co Limited.
Purchasing Assistance Limited.
Puruncom Education (N.Z.) Limited.
Quan Li Company Limited.
Quartet Design Limited.
Quay-Cross Holdings Limited (in liquidation).
Que Sera Limited.
Quik-Access Limited.
R & M Contractors Limited.
R C Distributors Limited.
R D Investments Limited.
R D Transport Limited (in liquidation).
R W Industrial Services Limited.
Rachel Bilton Limited.
Ratite Reproductions Limited.
Ratui Holdings Limited.
Raven Management Limited (in liquidation).
Reach Communications NZ Limited.
Red Event Limited.
Red Holdings Limited.
Redeaux Holdings Limited.
Redwood Homes Limited.
Reflective Products Limited.
Reglo Investments Limited.
Reklaw Developments Limited.
Reliance Plumbing & Roofing Services Limited.
Remuera Jewellers Limited.
Renta Husband Limited.
Renta Spacey Limited.
Rental Karts NZ Limited.
Reremoana Industries Limited.
Rexwood Holdings Limited.
Rio Limited.
Robert Peters Limited (in liquidation).
Robert Wylde Investments Limited.
Robertson Investments Limited.
Robin Marchant Medical Services Limited.
Rockwood Contracting Limited.
Rodrigues Enterprises Limited.
Rosario Enterprises Limited.
Rosewood Capital Limited.
Rutherfurd Agencies Limited.
Rutland Tavern Limited (in liquidation).
S & C Hope Limited.
S.D.S Wholesale Cars Limited.
Saama Productions Limited.
Safe International Limited.
Sailaways Yacht Chartering Limited.
Salisbury Holdings Limited.
Samoa Enterprises International (1999) Limited.
SANZ Import Export Limited.
Satyia Nand Building Construction Limited (in liquidation).
Saunders Enterprises Limited.
Sea-First Export Corporation Limited.
Secured Investments Limited.
Select Seafoods Limited.
Self Reliance Organizer Limited (in liquidation).
Sen's Discount Spices Warehouse Limited.
Sensory Market Analysis & Research Technology (NZ) Limited.
Sequence Limited.
Sharegraphics New Zealand Limited.
Shira (NZ) Limited.
Shiraz Holdings Limited.
Shrich Enterprise Limited.
Signature Security Group Limited.
Sino-Kiwi International Limited.
Site Delivery Limited.
Sledge Holdings Limited.
Soapy Sponge (International) Limited (in liquidation).
Soho Restaurants Limited.
Soliloquy Limited.
Sonshine Developments Limited.
Southern Alps Resorts Limited.
Southland United Leather Company Limited.
Splotches Limited.
SSN Pacific Limited.
St Lukes Hardware Limited.
Stagecoach Hotel Limited.
Stephen Codlin Plasterer Limited (in liquidation).
Stitch 'N' Prints Limited.
Stoddard Road Motors (2000) Limited.
Strategic Imports Limited.
Stream Interactive Limited.
Swan Park Limited.
Swanson Auctions Limited.
Sweeping Beauties Limited.
Swinson Imports Limited.
Sylcon Holdings Limited.
T K Concrete Services Limited.
T.T.S. Imaging Limited.
Tachograph Services New Zealand Limited.
Takanini Tile Warehouse Limited.
Takapuna Hardware & Cycles Limited.
TCL Limited.
Te Kowhai Music Festival Limited (in liquidation).
Team Leisure Limited.
Technical Tubing Limited.
Telenet International Limited.
Telephone Marketing Limited.
Tempest Films Limited.
Tertiary Systems Limited.
Tevake Enterprises Limited.
The Crown Of India Limited.
The Decorated Garden Limited.
The Galleon Trader Limited.
The Gap 2000 Limited.
The Motor Company Limited.
The Swedish Condom Company Limited.
The Villa Co Limited.
The Wan Corporation Limited.
Thomas Miller Limited.
Thomas O'b Roberts & Sons Limited.
Tiava'asu'e Transport Limited.
Tiki Talk (NZ) Limited.
Timber Processing Co Limited.
Tinks Bibs Limited (now known as Joshs Products Limited) (in liquidation).
Toddla Rocka Limited.
Tokyo Bakery Limited.
Tourbox International Limited.
Tourist Link Tairua Limited.
Toyo Cars (NZ) Limited.
Track and Structures Limited.
Trade Centre Holdings Limited.
Tradewell Enterprise Limited.
Travel For Less K'rd Limited.
Trenchpower (1996) Limited (in liquidation).
Triforce Limited.
Tropac Foods New Zealand 1997 Limited.
Unicorn Treefellers and Drainlayers Limited
(in liquidation).
United Gaming Services Limited.
Universal Development Limited.
Uriel Developments Limited.
Use It or Lose It Limited.
Varick's Limited (in liquidation).
VDO Car Communication (NZ) Limited.
Vedik Properties Limited.
Vehicle Assemblers New Zealand Limited.
Versi Limited.
Vertex Optical Co NZ Limited.
Verve Limited.
Vesan Tiling Limited.
Victor Golf Supplies Limited.
Vidguard Security Systems (Hastings) Limited.
Vincent Papesch Nominees Limited.
Visionnet Nominees Limited.
Visual Developments Limited.
W K Brain Upholstery Limited.
W.R. & D.A. Newton Limited.
Waiheke Quality Alliance Limited.
Waipu 150 Limited.
Waitemata Backcare Beds (Takapuna) Limited.
Walker Equipment NZ Limited.
Walley's Water Wings Limited.
Warco Shelf No 55 Limited.
Ward & Ward Limited.
Ward Clothing Company Limited.
Wasga Electrical (1988) Limited.
Waterview Downs Apartments Limited.
Welby Consultants Limited.
Wendy M's Marketing Limited.
West Publishing New Zealand Limited.
Western Reinforcing Limited.
Westpac Seafoods Limited.
Whakatane Language & Culture Service Limited.
Wholesale Clearing House Limited.
Wholesale Homes Limited.
WOLO N.Z. Limited.
World Internet Directory Limited.
Wu Lin Company Limited.
X Stream Limited.
Xcite NZ Limited.
XE Corporation Limited (in liquidation).
Xian Limited.
Y S S Company Limited.
Yvonne Sears Properties Limited.
Zee Films Limited.
Zyko Holdings Limited.
Contact for Inquiries: The Help Desk, telephone (0508) 266 726.
Postal Address for Written Objections: The Registrar of Companies, National Processing Centre, Private Bag
92-061, Auckland Mail Centre, Auckland.
Facsimile Number for Written Objections: (09) 912 7787.
NEVILLE HARRIS, Registrar of Companies.