Notice Type
Notice Title

Notice of Intention to Remove Companies From

the Register
I intend to remove the under-mentioned companies from
the Register under sections 318 and 320 of the Companies Act 1993.
I am satisfied that these companies have ceased to carry on business and there is no other reason for these companies to continue in existence.
Written objections to the company's removal, specifying the grounds relied on, can be made under section 321 of
the Companies Act 1993.
These must be delivered to the District Registrar
of Companies at Hamilton within 20 working days of publication of this notice:
A.J. Marine and Engineering Limited.
Ace Consultancy Limited.
ACS Transport Limited (in liquidation).
Actonz JV Investment No.2 Limited.
Agent Provocateur Limited.
Andrew James Ryan Pacific Enterprises Limited.
Anjin Motor Company Limited.
B J Jackson (1986) Limited.
Barber & Lord Limited.
Barricade Security Screens (1990) Limited.
Barry Jackson Motors Limited.
Bat Industries Limited.
Berry Auto Electrical Limited.
Bikecorp NZ Limited.
Bolster Investments Limited.
BPS Limited.
Braeside Investments Limited.
Brilliant Ideas Limited.
Buck Island Investments Limited.
C J & J M McDonald Limited.
C.T.R. Limited.
Caledonia Software Consultancy Limited.
Campbells Drilling And Cutting Services Limited.
Can Aviation Limited.
Cat Construction Limited.
Central Excavation Limited.
Cherry Systems Limited.
Church Tree Investments Limited.
Colin Jessen Takapuna 'A' Limited.
Collective Assets Limited.
Coniston Nominees Limited.
Corrado 1998 Limited.
Courtnew Two Limited.
Crawford Advertising & Design Limited.
D H Dickie & Co Limited.
David Greenberg Photography Limited.
David Sercombe Limited.
Dial A Tinny Limited.
Dong Woo New Zealand Limited (in liquidation).
Drum Tackle 'N Sports (1992) Limited.
Element Architecture Urbanism Limited.
Exclusive Furniture Co Limited.
Fastnet Limited.
Fighting Bay Finance Limited.
Financial Management Resources Limited.
Finer Details Limited.
Forbes Advertising Limited.
Fur Fabrics NZ Limited.
G & D Ritchie Holdings Limited.
Gibson Sheat Shelf Company No. 28 Limited.
Gray Bros Contractors Limited.
Greene, Hanson, Loof & Beattie Number Two Limited.
Greenlane Properties Limited.
Greymouth Coal Limited.
Groucott Butchery Limited.
H G Manufacturing Limited.
Hadron Holdings Limited.
Hallmark General Insurance Co Limited.
Harbour Inn Quota Management Limited.
Harrey Productions Limited.
Hauraki Foods Limited.
Heathcote & Henshaw Signs (Chch) Limited.
Heisei Corporation (NZ) Limited.
High Performance Thinking Limited.
Hocus Pocus Toys (Wgtn) Limited.
Hort Source International Limited.
Hospitality Management Solutions Limited.
Hutt Valley Home Build Limited.
I.T.N. New Zealand Limited.
ILCO Investments Corporation Limited.
Image Tranzform Limited.
Innovation Designs Limited.
Innsbrook Manufacturing Co. Limited.
Intergraph Corporation (N.Z.) Limited.
Internet Terminals (Wellington) Limited.
Island Construction Limited.
Ivanisevic Marketing Limited.
J & J Soo & Company Limited.
J A & F I Danger Limited.
J P Mortgage Services Limited.
James Litho Limited.
Johnstone Milling Limited.
Kaha Systems Limited.
Kai Investments Limited.
Kairua Farms Limited.
Kan Computing Services Limited.
Kapiti Midwives Limited.
Kenmac Commercial Cleaners Limited.
Kumeroa Station Limited.
Kustom Kages Limited.
L Hira & Sons Limited.
Lambton Financial Advisory Services Limited.
Land Resource Holdings Limited.
Leisure Concepts Limited.
Liberty Nominees Limited.
Libitum Investments Limited.
Lifestyle Management Systems Limited.
Lightin'up Services Limited.
Lingto Limited.
Lombard Securities Limited.
Luxury Limousines Limited.
M & J Webster Limited.
M. B. M. Investments Limited.
Maguire Enterprises Limited.
Mallard Brothers Limited.
Mark Glover Plumbing Limited.
Marketing Technologies Limited.
Massive Construction Limited.
McCarthy & Glennie Limited.
McInnes Occupational Health Services Limited.
McPhees Highland Outfitters Limited.
McVerry Crawford Motors (Marton) Limited.
Media Fax (NZ) Limited.
Megdis Enterprises Limited.
Melrose Conference Centre Limited.
Merco Limited.
Metro Magazines Limited.
Michael Cross Pharmacy Limited.
Moderato Services Limited.
Mt. Climie Holdings Limited.
Murphy & Sons Limited.
Neurohome Limited.
Nikau Nominees Limited.
Oceania Koryu Centre Auckland Limited.
OEA Limited.
Opaki Developments Limited.
Open Flight 6 Limited.
P & R Frames & Trusses Limited.
Pacific Green Limited.
Palmerston North Warrant Of Fitness Testing Station Limited (in liquidation).
Pearce Consulting Group Limited.
Pegasus Auto Brokers Limited.
Pianoman (N.Z.) Limited.
PNG Forestry Partnership No. 1 Limited.
Premier Marine 1982 Limited.
Quilt Connection Limited.
Raymore Properties Limited.
Rem-Lap Metal Spinning Service Limited.
Richwood Limited.
Rimunui Station Limited.
Rimutaka Builders Limited.
Robert Brewer & Associates Limited.
Rosikin Limited.
Ruapehu Alpine Lifts Limited.
S.R. & J.E. Clow Limited.
Savile Row Holdings Limited.
Science Developments NZ Limited.
Seafood Specialties Limited.
Shashlik Properties Limited.
Siren Communications Limited.
Site Agencies Limited.
SJS Farms Limited (in liquidation).
Somerset Company Limited.
Songcard Limited.
Sovereign Lodge Stud (1997) Limited.
Springvale Properties Limited.
Steelblast Services Limited.
Systems 21 Limited.
T & L Limited.
T. & J. Holdings Limited.
T. G. I. Fridays Limited.
Talk Shop Limited.
Te Kawau Maro Holdings Limited.
Te Teiki Limited.
Telhawk Holdings Limited.
The Bee Engineering Limited.
The Bungalow & Villa Relocation Company Limited.
The Shop with The Lights Limited.
Thurco Developments Limited (in liquidation).
Tiki Enterprises Limited (in liquidation).
Tile Company Properties Limited.
Tom Wood Limited.
Tradewinds Consulting Services Limited.
Vendor Finance Solutions (NZ) Limited.
Vestas-New Zealand Wind Technology Limited.
W.S.P. Support Company Limited.
Waikanae Downs Limited.
Wainui Hire Centre Limited.
Wairimu Farms Limited.
Wanganui Computerised Imaging Limited.
Water Master Technologies Limited.
Weather Shield Limited.
Wellington Vehicle Finance Limited (in liquidation).
Windwill Holdings Limited.
Wishart Wholesale Limited.
WRT Retail Limited.
X'CEED Service Solutions Limited.
Yardley Electrical Services Limited.
Ye Olde Meat Shoppe Limited.
Zenith Finance Limited.
Postal Address for Written Objections: The Registrar of Companies, National Processing Centre, Private Bag
92-061, Auckland Mail Centre, Auckland.
Facsimile Number for Written Objections: (09) 912 7787.
Telephone Number for Inquiries: (0508) 266 726.
NEVILLE HARRIS, Registrar of Companies.