Notice Type
Notice Title

Notice of Intention to Remove Companies From

the Register
I intend to remove the undermentioned companies from the Register under section 318 of the Companies Act 1993.
I am satisfied that these companies have ceased to carry on business and there is no other reason for these companies to continue in existence.
Written objections to the company's removal, specifying the grounds relied on, can be made under section 321 of the Companies Act 1993.
These must be delivered to the District Registrar of Companies at Hamilton within 20 working days of publication of this notice:
4 K-J's Limited.
4tune Software Limited.
A A Stichbury Limited.
A D Jenkins Limited.
Able Communications Limited.
Access Technology Limited.
Actonz Investment Trustee 10 Limited.
Adventure Based Training And Development Limited.
AKSA New Zealand Limited.
Alamada Nominees Limited.
Alfex Fire Systems Limited.
Alliance Holdings Limited.
Alpha Omega Management Consultants Limited.
Alti Window and Door Systems Limited.
Aluminium Projects Limited.
Amaram Holdings Limited.
Amtex Computer Brokers Limited.
Andrews Newman Property Holdings Limited.
Aniwaniwa International Limited.
Any Task Agencies Limited.
Aromapower NZ Limited.
Arpax Investments Limited.
Art Acquisitions Limited.
Artlink Studio Limited.
Ashdown Properties Limited.
Aubergine Software Limited.
Audit New Zealand Limited.
Augusta Limited.
Australasian Property Development Consultants Limited.
Automotive Books And Data (International) Limited.
AZUL Holdings Limited.
B J Prince Limited.
Back Reef Systems Limited.
Bailey Road Limited.
Barclay Securities Limited.
BCL Services Limited.
Bee Vee Electrical Limited.
BHL Rentals Limited.
Big Ben Station Limited.
Blackstone Capital Advisors Limited.
Blair Street Cafe Limited.
Blue Turtle Productions Limited.
C.V.I. Paint And Panel Limited.
Cactus Investments Limited.
Cam Consultants Limited.
Capital Cleaners Limited.
Cashmere Goats NZ Limited.
Church Close Limited.
City International Duty Free Limited.
Clearwater Biotech Limited.
Cloonboo & Associates Limited.
Cloudesley Enterprises Limited.
Collwell Holdings Limited.
Colour It Projects Limited.
Communications Division Limited.
Companies On Line Limited.
Computing and Logic Holdings Limited.
Concept Factory Limited.
Confederate Investment Holdings Limited.
Cool Cat (Wellington) Limited.
Corporate Aid Limited.
Courtenay Holdings Limited.
Courtnew One Limited.
CRS Education Limited.
Cube Em Holdings Limited.
Culzean Limited.
Cyan Developments Limited.
D & D Limited.
D Dee Limited.
Daboo Investments Limited.
DBNET Limited.
DCS Enterprises Limited.
Deep Green Limited.
Designcorp Limited.
Dillon Developments Limited.
Economic And Social Research Associates Limited.
Edith Holdings Limited.
Electrotech Electrical Limited.
Elite Apparel Limited.
Emma Post Dispensing Limited.
F H Mccready Limited.
Family Finances Limited.
Fergusson Tanks & Pools 1982 Limited.
Fidelity Investments Limited.
G K & S Patel & Co Limited.
Gala Developments Limited.
Galaway Enterprises Limited.
George Walkers Auctioneers 1996 Limited.
Get Set Internet Limited.
Girvan Leasing Limited.
Global Direct Products & Marketing Limited.
Global Investments And Securities Limited.
Grand Slam Investments Limited.
Greytown Winery Limited.
Harvest Resources Limited.
Hawker Ceramics Limited.
Herberts Shamrock Pharmacy Limited.
Herston Investments Limited.
Hewitt Holdings Limited.
Hey Taxi! Holdings Limited.
Hilton Motors Limited.
HWM Brokers Limited.
IDRS Consultants Limited.
Ikon Polymers Limited.
Imagine Consulting Limited.
Impala Oil Mills Limited.
Independent Centre For Ethical And Political Studies Limited.
Infometrics Consulting Limited.
Internet Strategies Limited.
ITIK Investments Limited.
J R W Investments Limited.
James Jones Limited.
Janet Hawthorn Enterprises Limited.
Jellyfish Limited.
John Fothergill Limited.
John Mason Cleaning Limited.
Kapiti Cove Developments Limited.
Karaka Tarawhiti and Associates Limited.
Karmac Pneu Limited.
Key Property Wgtn Limited.
Kiwiana Family Restaurant Limited.
Koura Limited.
Kyoto Cdm Limited.
L & R Management Limited.
L. & B. Devenny Investments Limited.
L.M.L.Enterprises Limited.
Larsen Sportswear Limited.
Leejay Limited.
Linuxnz Limited.
Longford Developments Limited.
Lorhan Enterprises Limited.
M & M Enterprises Limited.
Mackford Holdings No.2 Limited.
Madison Cars And Commercials Limited.
Management 2000 Limited.
Manawatu Drape Manufacturing Limited.
Manawatu Exporters Limited.
Manawatu Occupational Medicine Services Limited.
Mansell & Sons Limited.
Mardon Properties Limited.
Martin Sammut Building Limited.
Martinstrasse Properties Limited.
Marvor Investments Limited.
Mason Scaffolding Limited.
Masonavic Holdings Limited.
Melbar Engineering Limited.
Menzl Distributors Limited.
Mid City Auto Repairs Limited.
Midori Holdings Limited.
Milestones Group Limited.
Missing Link Entertainments Limited.
Modern Dictating Systems Wn Limited.
Moore & Moore Holdings Limited.
MSL Mainpro Services Limited.
Napoleon Cosmetics (NZ) Limited.
Neige Marketing Limited.
Network Plumbing Limited.
New Century International Company Limited.
New Zealand Equipment Rental And Leasing Limited.
New Zealand Management Development Consortium Limited.
New Zealand Pops Orchestra Limited.
New Zealand Tour Trading Limited.
Newsnet Limited.
NZ Nashi Asian Pear Product Group Limited.
Okains Bay Trading Company Limited.
Open Technology Limited.
Opulens Investments Limited.
Otapari Limited.
Ovuka Enterprises Limited.
P & T Enterprises Limited.
Paint & Paper (Whakatane) Limited.
Paperchase Holdings Limited.
Parco Holdings Limited.
Parts Plus 1994 Limited.
Pastoral Support Limited.
Pauls Panel Repairs Limited.
Peekay Limited.
Peterodger & Associates Limited.
Petone Heavy Haulage Limited.
Phoenix International Limited.
Pick Solutions Limited.
PLW Investments Limited.
Port Nicholson Holdings Limited.
Poweradz International Limited.
Powercom Limited.
Project Technology Limited.
Property Lawyers Limited.
Property Protection Servi Ces Limited.
Pukera Farming Company Limited.
Quality Exporters Limited.
Quin Steel Limited.
R.D. Brokers Limited.
RAC (1997) Limited.
Ram's Otaki Beach Store Limited.
Realty Direct Limited.
Resotech Immigration Consultants Limited.
Rosebank Enterprises Limited.
Rotorua Home Centre Limited.
S B Young Limited.
Savour The Flavour Limited.
Seldon Properties Limited.
Shergill Mortgages Limited.
Silverstream Transfer Station Limited.
Siteweld Engineering (1998) Limited.
SJV Holdings Limited.
Skillbase New Zealand Limited.
Small Business Support Services Limited.
Smart Performance Design (NZ) Limited.
Sound Foundation Limited.
Source Direct Limited.
Sports International Australia New Zealand Limited.
Spring Services Limited.
St Johns Wood Limited.
Stace Auto Spray Limited.
Steiny Investments Limited.
Stonehenge Landscaping Supplies Limited.
Sunlink Property Limited.
Superior Systems Limited.
Sweet Georgia Cruising Limited.
Swiftcom Limited.
Systems Holdings Limited.
Sytec Resources Limited.
T-Bone Promotions Limited.
Tall Orders Limited.
TBJ Securities Limited.
Te Moana Holdings Limited.
Te Tawharau Limited.
Tea Gallery Trading Limited.
Telebusiness Limited.
The Blue Orange Workshop Limited.
The Cable Guy's Limited.
The Car Cupboard Limited.
The Lava Lounge Bar And Cafe Limited.
Thomson Automotive Limited.
Thorndon Spraypainting & Panelbeating Limited.
Tioka Aotearoa Limited.
Top Lace Bark Limited.
Trade Network Limited.
Tree & Garden Services Limited.
Trentham Traders Limited.
Tridal Investments Limited.
TSC Limited.
Tullimore Investments Limited.
Turawhati Investments Limited.
Uh Day Limited.
Ultra Sport South Pacific Limited.
Urban Health Limited.
Vagabond Tours Limited.
Valicia Investments Limited.
Valley Sound Limited.
Valley Strippers Limited.
Varco Limited.
Villa Pies (1990) Limited.
VIP Marketing Limited.
Vision Computers Limited.
Vision Equipment Limited.
VR Construction Limited.
W J & S J Moyes Limited.
Waitangarua Auto Services (1989) Limited.
Walakahai Pacific Corporation Limited.
Wanganui Investigation Service Limited.
Wanganui Sign Company Limited.
Waring Taylor Limited.
Waverley Transport Limited.
William Duthie & Sons Limited.
Winterman Holdings Limited.
Woodcut 2000 Limited.
Wool Technologies (NZ) Limited.
Wright & Carman (NZ) Limited.
Zing Properties Limited.
Contact for Inquiries: The Help Desk, telephone: (0508) 266 726.
Postal Address for Written Objections: The Registrar
of Companies, National Processing Centre, Private Bag
92-061, Auckland Mail Centre.
Facsimile Number for Written Objections: (09) 912 7787.
NEVILLE HARRIS, Registrar of Companies.