Notice Type
Notice Title

Notice of Intention to Remove Companies From

the Register
I intend to remove the undermentioned companies from the Register under section 318 of the Companies Act 1993.
I am satisfied that these companies have ceased to carry on business and there is no other reason for these companies to continue in existence.
Written objections to the company's removal, specifying the grounds relied on, can be made under section 321 of the Companies Act 1993.
These must be delivered to the District Registrar of Companies at Hamilton within 20 working days of publication of this notice:
'Gentle Ben' Heating (Y2K) Limited.
0800 Word Number Promotions Limited.
2C Limited.
3D Vision Limited.
400 System Solutions Limited.
6pack Productions Limited.
A & NZ Consultants Limited.
A & T 1997 Limited.
A L Burke Limited.
A V D Company Limited.
A.B. Developments Limited.
A.N.A. Limited.
Abee Glass Limited.
Aberlour Farms Limited.
Abex Marketing Limited.
Able Limited.
Absolute Systems Limited.
Abtron Pacer Parts (1998) Limited.
Accola Holdings Limited.
Ace Painters & Decorators Limited.
Achilles Group Limited.
Acme Design Limited.
Acorn Print Management (Wgtn) Limited.
Adam Bennett Limited.
Adetex Textiles Limited.
Adhesives Australasia Limited.
Adv-Netco Limited.
Advantage Enterprises Limited.
Affordable Drainlaying Limited.
Ahmadi Holdings Limited.
Air Power Services Limited.
Air Space Inflatable Structures Limited.
Airpark Limited.
Akitio Holdings Limited.
Aladdin's Cafe Limited.
Alans One Limited.
Alarm Technologies Limited.
Albion Developments Limited.
Alert Cleaners Limited.
Alexandros Limited.
Alkindi Enterprises Limited.
All Carpentry Ak Wide Limited.
All Financial Services Limited.
Alpha Distributors Limited.
Aluminium Joinery Services Limited.
Amano Industries Limited.
Amby Property Services Limited.
Amore Shopping and Trading Limited.
Anabatic Limited.
Anais Halaal Gourmet Meats Limited.
Andan Investments Limited.
Anderson Audio Visual (NZ) Limited.
Anderson Securities Finance Limited.
Andros Transport Limited.
Annaleise Lingerie & Accessories Limited.
Anzus Trading Company Limited.
Aotea Real Estate Limited.
Aotearoa Mortgages And Developments Limited.
Aotearoa Web Tv Limited.
Apac Investments & Guaranteed Products Limited.
Apec Enterprises Group Company Limited.
Apple Nominees Limited.
Apprise Corporation Limited.
Approved Glass Limited.
Apt Trading Limited.
Arcane Limited.
Architectural Coating Applicators Limited.
Aria Consulting Limited.
Aristos Life Limited.
Ariyazand Enterprise Limited.
Art Works 22 Limited.
Arya Technology Group Limited.
Asgard Limited.
Asha International 2000 Limited.
Ashivad Limited.
Association Management Services Limited.
ASV European Auto Spares Limited.
Atkam Property Services Limited.
Atlas Electrical Limited.
Atumotu Funeral Services Limited.
Auckland Cambelt Specialists Limited.
Auckland City Hotels Limited.
Audio To Go Limited.
Audlyn Dairy Limited.
Augus International Limited.
Authentic Timber Homes (1997) Limited.
Authentic Visions Limited.
Auto Inspection (NZ) Limited.
Automobile Sprayers Limited.
Autoquip Limited.
Autotech Auto Services Limited.
Ayrefield Properties Limited.
Azim International Limited.
Aztec Treasures Limited.
Azurton Corporation Limited.
B & B Design And Marketing Limited. (In Liq)
B Company Limited.
B D & G D Harris Limited.
B. D. Recovery Limited.
B.J.C. Enterprises Limited.
Baba Limited.
Baker Metal Products Limited.
Baldor Optimised Control (NZ) Limited.
Baltimore Properties Limited.
Banklink Limited.
Banros Investments Limited.
BAS Limited.
Bassett 2 Limited.
BDA Strategic Limited.
Beattie Sports Limited.
Beeco Holdings Limited.
Bella Bags Limited.
Best Electrical Limited.
Better Equipt Service Telemarketing Company Limited.
BHS Investments Limited.
Bilitis Trading Company Limited.
Bingara Limited.
Bioethics Limited.
Bish Engineering Limited.
Bitz & Bytes Holding Limited.
BJ Engineering Limited.
Black Inc Limited.
Blatherad Corporation Limited.
Blue Harbour Limited.
Bolpak Trading Company Limited.
Bombay Talkies (NZ) Limited.
Bonanza Co. Limited.
Bonza Building Limited.
Box Office Limited.
Bracebridge Holdings Limited.
Brassen Enterprises Limited.
Brauer Enterprises Limited.
Breed Enterprises Limited.
Brennan Contractors Limited.
Brians Foodmarket Limited.
Brigham Residential Holdings Limited.
Brijag Holdings Limited.
Brocton Holdings Limited.
Brothers Bretheren Limited.
Bryvon Industries Limited.
Budget Travel Milford Limited.
Bulletproof Software Limited.
Business & Property Listing Bureau (Rodney) Limited.
Busy Bee Signs Limited.
C & C Bricklayers Limited.
C & P Trading Co Limited.
C.G.S. Limited.
C.L. Services Limited.
Cable Works Limited.
Cafe Bar (NZ) Pty Limited.
Cafe Classic (Balmoral) Limited.
Callcut Management Services Limited.
Campbelltown Resources Limited.
Capital Gain Limited.
Carnie Consulting Limited.
Cartridge Recharge Centre Limited.
Cascade Christian College Limited.
Caspian Group Limited.
Castlerock No. 3 Limited.
Catkin Limited.
Cavana Homes Limited.
Cavanagh Henry Enterprises Limited.
Cavendish International Limited.
CEC Technology Limited.
Celtia Consulting Limited.
Central Strata Management Limited.
Chainsaw Holdings Limited.
Chambers Nominees Limited.
Chandler Paint & Panel Repairs Limited.
Chang Holdings Limited.
Charlies Trading Company Limited.
Chateaux De Ciel Limited.
Cheezprowz (NZ) Limited.
China Trade Opportunities Limited.
Chris Bowen Limited.
Christchurch City Shiners Limited.
Cielo Alto Marketing Limited.
CISI Investments Limited.
Clarence Consulting Limited.
Clark Holdings Limited.
Classic Champions Limited.
Clonburn 34 Limited.
Club Bollywood (N.Z.) Limited.
Coast To Coast Contractors Limited.
Coatesville Store (1998) Limited.
Cobalt Industries Limited.
Coddington Polo Limited.
Collateral Acceptance Co Limited.
Colourz & Designz Limited.
Combined Trades Limited.
Come 'N See N.Z. Limited.
Community Press Limited.
Complete Business Solutions Limited.
Comprend Limited.
Compro Limited.
Compucorp NZ Limited.
Computalink Corporation Limited.
Computek Servicing Limited.
Computer And Software Installation Services Limited.
Comreal Holdings Limited.
Comsec Equities Limited.
Concept Fitness Limited.
Concepts NZ Limited.
Conco Pacific Limited.
Concrete Colour Systems (New Zealand) Limited.
Conference Makers Limited.
Conquest Limited.
Consist Enterprises Limited.
Container Advanz Tranz Limited.
Controltech Limited.
Cornfield Endeavours Limited.
Corporate Process Travel Limited.
Corporate Residential Mortgages Limited.
Corporate Trains Limited.
Corporate Vision Limited.
Corpus Christi Construction Limited.
Cossiga Manufacturing Limited.
Courtesy Cars Limited.
Creation Health Limited.
Crew N.Z. Limited.
Crown Press Limited.
Crystal Removals Limited.
Cultech Corp Limited.
Custolink Consultants (NZ) Limited.
Cyber Coffee Limited.
Cyberup NZ Limited.
D & D Wholesale Limited.
D & K (1999) Limited.
D C Group Limited.
D&J International Trading Limited.
Dallas Concrete Limited.
Dalmuir Natural Oils (NZ) Limited.
Dalton Beecroft Limited.
Danni Health Centre Limited.
Data Services Limited.
David Donaldson Limited.
David Glanville Consulting Limited.
Death By Dessert Limited.
Decor Direct Limited.
Delamel Enterprises Limited.
Denrimac Holdings Limited.
Derma Technologies Limited.
Design Jad Limited.
Development 2k Limited.
Devocean Holdings Limited.
Dial A Company Limited.
Diana Limited.
Digital Enterprises NZ Limited.
Diva Enterprises Limited.
Doi's Bakery Limited.
Dolphin Security Limited.
Dompac Hardware Limited.
Double Bubble Group Limited.
Doug Eagle Transport Limited.
Dragon Security Limited.
Drury Holdings Limited.
Drymix Sales Limited.
Dunnage & Company Limited.
Durham Brown Limited.
Dynamic C.V.S Limited.
E.C. Academy Limited.
Earnoch Properties Limited.
Earnock 24 Limited.
Earth Spirit Fragrance Co. Limited.
Earthtones Limited.
East Asia Company Limited.
Ecoquest New Zealand Limited.
Eikon New Zealand Limited.
Elderhealth Management Limited.
Elijah Enterprises Limited.
Elite Dial A Driver Limited.
Elite Equine Coaches Limited.
Elitunnel Merchanting Limited.
Elwarth Contracters Limited.
Emarket.Co.NZ Limited.
Emergency Management Associates (NZ) Limited.
Encompaz Corporation Limited.
Energy & Thermal Engineering Limited.
Enetworks Limited.
Epic Investments Limited.
Epsaro Shop Limited.
Eriwata & Stewart Limited.
Esen & Co (NZ) Limited.
Estancia Limited.
Etelligence Limited.
Euro Car Parts Limited.
Eurokitchen Limited.
Euromak Pure Air Limited.
European Pirate Parts Limited.
Evamore Investments Limited.
Event'uate Limited.
Excel Finance Limited.
Exclusive Real Estate South Auckland Limited.
Exec Citicabs Auckland Limited.
Executive Recovery Services Limited.
Expat Limited.
Extreme Water Skiing Limited.
Eye Level Marketing Limited.
Eye Services Limited.
EZI Queen Technology Limited.
F.B.T. Developments Limited.
F1 Computer Help Limited.
Fabriche Textiles Limited.
Face To Face Communications (NZ) Limited.
Fair Deal Limited.
Farmworks Limited.
Faw Paw Limited.
Fayreform Holdings Limited.
Fern Energy Limited.
Ferret Drainlaying Limited.
Ferrier Trading Company Limited.
Fill Family Trust Co Limited.
Financial Management Solutions Limited.
Fitzgerald Visible Communications Limited.
Flagon Co. Limited.
Flair Panel N Paint Co Limited.
Floorworks Limited.
Food for Less Limited.
Food Quality Management New Zealand Limited.
Foodco Limited.
Footprint Developments Limited.
Ford Leasing Limited.
Foreman & Vernon Investments Limited.
Forex NZ 2000 Limited.
Fradon Limited.
Frances Daniel Limited.
Francium Limited.
Franklin Covey Limited.
Fred Devries Limited.
Fresh Chicken Wholesale & Quality Meats Limited.
Frontier Developments Limited.
Fundamental Limited.
Funnell Plumbing (1997) Limited.
Furlong Motor Inn Limited.
Futures and Currency Trading Information Services Limited.
G & R Buttons Limited.
G F A Egbers Limited.
G. B. Flooring Limited.
G.T.C. Limited.
G2 Trading Limited.
Galaxie Corporation Limited.
Galaxy Cafe And Bar Limited.
Galaxy Traders (New Zealand) Limited.
Gamble Logging Limited.
Garden Restaurant Limited.
Gardiner Contracting Limited.
Garvoc Hill Seeds Limited.
Gasoline Alley Petroleum Distributors Limited.
GCL Contracting Limited.
Gearbox City Limited.
General Communication Group Limited.
General Store Restaurant Limited.
Genesis 2000 Limited.
Gentia Software Pacific (NZ) Limited.
George Campbell Painting Limited.
Gibraltar Investments Limited.
Gizmo Marketing Services Limited.
Glass Design Limited.
Global Fish Processing Company Limited.
Global Search Partners Limited.
Global Travel Management Limited.
Global Welfare Limited.
Go Abroad International Limited.
Gobbie Enterprises Limited.
Gold Win Int'l Limited.
Gonad Holdings Limited.
Good Home Millennium Limited.
Grace Immigration Consultants Limited.
Graham Gleeson Limited.
Grahame Hookway Pty Limited.
Grant Edmonds Wine Consultancy Limited.
Gravity Limited.
Great Shotz Photography Limited.
Greatland Development Co., Limited.
Green Country Limited.
Green Health Nutrition Company Limited.
Greenlane Professional Offices Offices Limited.
Greenpac Company Limited.
Grey Army Limited.
Grey Lynn Panel & Paint Limited.
Groovemeisters Limited.
Group Media (Partners) Limited.
Grow Young Limited.
Guardian Angels Limited.
H & K Consultants Limited.
H Hardware Limited.
H M E Limited.
H.O.M.E Own Mother's Enterprises Limited.
Haejangkuk Chip Co Limited.
Halix Holdings Private Limited.
Halo I.T Limited.
Halo Technology Limited.
Hamilton Concrete Pumping Limited.
Hamish Rothwell Productions Limited.
Hana Tour Company Limited.
Handles Plus (1999) Limited.
Harbour Design Limited.
Hassan Investments (NZ) Limited.
Haugesund Holdings Limited.
Hauraki Finance Limited.
Hauraki Gulf Property Owner Limited.
Headquarters Unique Limited.
Health Data Services Limited.
Helen Terry Consultants Limited.
Henford Holdings Limited.
Herbert Enterprises Limited.
Herrick Communications Limited.
Herzog Limited.
Heywood Properties Limited.
Hikurangi Butchery Limited.
Hire A Hubby Franchising (NZ) Limited.
Hire Maintainance Standards Limited.
Ho Trading Company Limited.
Holding No.1 Limited.
Home Mortgage Specialists Limited.
Home Shopping Channel Limited.
Homecare Northland Limited.
Homemakers Direct Limited.
Honeywell Holdings Limited.
Honeywell-Measurex NZ Limited.
Horizon Building Services Limited.
House Of Honiton Limited.
Housing Directions Limited.
HRH Investments Limited.
Hura Enterprises Limited.
I.P. Limited.
Iberia Limited.
Ideal 4 U Limited.
Identity Limited.
Imaginit Limited.
Imexpo Promotions Limited.
Imperial Trading (New Zealand) Limited.
Imported Heaters Limited.
Independent Car Auctions Limited.
Independent Services Limited.
Independent Stationers Organisation Limited.
Indgraf Services Limited.
Indo New Zealand Limited.
Indo-Kiwi Limited.
Indoor Go Karts Limited.
Industrial Design Services Limited.
Infinite Marketing Solutions Limited.
Ingham Homes Limited.
Innes Investments Limited.
INT New Zealand Limited.
Intercity Movers Limited.
Investibl Limited.
Investment Group Limited.
IPMG Press Limited.
Iranui Holdings Limited.
Italio Handles And Trays Limited.
J & D's Limited.
J & L Limited.
J B R Developments Limited.
J K Stirling Corporation Limited.
J Khan & Sons Limited.
J S C Security Limited.
J. Beer Concrete Services Limited.
J.E. Dodd Holdings Limited.
Jack's Part-World Limited.
Jackson & Company Limited.
Jake Enterprises Limited.
Jane Marie Marketing Limited.
Japanese Pyrotechnic Supplies Limited.
Jarich Financial Services (Western) Limited.
Jasmax B&N Retail Limited.
Jasmine Gardens Limited.
JAT Ventures Limited.
Jay & Kush Holdings Limited.
Jaz Enterprises Limited.
Jefferson Holdings Limited.
Jet Aero Services Limited.
Jewel Publications Associates Limited.
JH Hall Machinery Limited.
JI Foodbar Limited.
Jo & Laura Enterprises Limited.
Jocose Developments Limited.
John Boulter Panelbeating Limited.
Jumping Beans International Limited.
Jupiter Air Limited.
K & C Company (Finance,Trans,International) Limited.
K C Investors Limited.
K McNair Marketing Limited.
K.R Timber Investments Limited.
Kabaco - The Shoe House Limited.
Kaikohe Quality Meats Co. Limited.
Kaitiaki Publications Limited.
Kandy Total Fashion Limited.
Karaka Ventures Limited.
Kau Lands Limited.
Ke Bang Company Limited.
Kelsey Holdings Limited.
Kerrydale Transport Limited.
Kevin Peterson Financial Services Limited.
Kids 4 Sport Limited.
Kidscene (1997) Limited.
Kin Creations International Limited.
Kingo Forestry Company Limited.
Kiwi Bins Limited.
Kiwi Environmental Products Limited.
Kiwi Immigration Services Limited.
Kiwi Klothes Limited.
Kiwi Steel NZ Limited.
Kiwiana Developments Limited.
Knowledge Based Management Limited.
Kolo No.2 Limited.
Kolotex Hosiery Limited.
Kruz-Tone N.Z. Limited.
L & N Developers Limited.
L & T Agencies Limited.
L & T Company (NZ) Limited.
L'abri School Of English Limited.
La Luna Limited.
Lady Luck Lounge Limited.
LAL Holdings Limited.
Landscape Towing Limited.
Lavina Enterprises Limited.
Lawler Corporation Limited.
Le Brie Yacht Charters Limited.
Leaney Variety Services Limited.
Lee Mail Services Limited.
Leev International Development Company Limited.
Lewis & Sprosen Pharmacy Limited.
Life Dynamics International Limited.
Lifestyle Residential Limited.
Lighthouse NZ Limited.
Lilin Enterprise Company Limited.
Lindow Holdings Limited.
Liquid Edge Limited.
Liquid Lounge Limited.
Litho Technique Limited.
Litsa Limited.
Living Discounts NZ Limited.
Lizarazu Limited.
Ljs Downtown Limited.
London Orientation Limited.
Long Reach Properties Limited.
Lonsdale Building Associates Limited.
Look Construction Limited.
Lucy's Rentals Limited.
Luxury Building And Decoration Company Limited.
Luxury Lambskin Products NZ Limited.
M 'N M Stationery Limited.
M J Burke Developments Limited.
M K & K Limited.
M M & M V Kake Limited.
M. K. Poon Consulting Limited.
M.F.J. Builders Limited.
M.T.H.Events Limited.
Macsel Corporation Limited.
Magabook (1996) Limited.
Maglite Marketing Limited.
Magnum Structures Limited.
Main Street Dairy & Takeaways Limited.
Maintech Communications Limited.
Makanjee's (NZ) Limited.
Malindo Limited.
Manila Project No. 1 Limited.
Manssons And Rhys Limited.
Mantra Holdings Limited.
Manukau Power Limited.
Marine Protection Limited.
Marinescape Beijing Limited.
Market Insight Limited.
Marlin Seafoods Limited.
Marriner Bros Limited.
Masonry Creations Limited.
Materna Moda Limited.
Maywood Contracting Limited.
McDonald Environmental Services Limited.
Meadrose Holdings Limited.
Medforce Management Limited.
Media Magic Limited.
Media-Tech Computer Limited.
Medical & Surgical Contracting Limited.
Medlab Holdings No 1 Limited.
Melpex Corporation Limited.
Meridian Asia/Pacific Limited.
Metastitch Casting Repairs (NZ) Limited.
Metro Cleaning Services Limited.
Metro Medical International Limited.
Metro Systems Limited.
MHG Telecommunications (NZ) Limited.
Miada Corporation Limited.
Migration Direct Limited.
Milestone Promotions Limited.
Millenium Engineering Services Limited.
Millennium Security Services Limited.
Mindfield Limited.
MI Mathers Limited.
Moana Lisa Restaurant Limited.
Mobile Servicing And Maintenance Limited.
Mobile World Limited.
Mochere International Limited.
Moko Productions Limited.
Molly Whoppy Productions Limited.
Mondial Corporation Limited.
Monteith Holdings Limited.
Monzara Holdings Limited.
Mortgage City Brokers Limited.
Mortgage Re-Planners Limited.
Mount St Cafe Limited.
Mountain Developments Limited.
Mountie Holdings Limited.
MSC Motors Limited.
Muffin Break Whangarei Limited.
Muffin Investments Limited.
Murphy's Wind & Reed Limited.
Mv Accessories & Distribution Limited.
My Club International Limited.
N & L Advertising Limited.
N Star Plaster Limited.
N.Z. Flexible Tours Limited.
N.Z. Led Technology Limited.
NA Limited.
Naftel Enterprises Limited.
Nasilai Brothers Fishing Limited.
Needle Gangsta Body Piercing & Jewellery Limited.
Neilson Associates Limited.
Neps Motors Limited.
Net Value Services Limited.
New Era Plastic Repairs Limited.
New Times Arts Gallery Limited.
New Zealand Adventure Homestays Limited.
New Zealand Advisory Buying Services Limited.
New Zealand College Of Science Studies Limited.
New Zealand Deskpads Limited.
New Zealand Direct Investment Trust Limited.
New Zealand Display And Trade Centre Limited.
New Zealand Guarantee Company Limited.
New Zealand Jian Ling Industrial Investment Company Limited.
New Zealand Machinery Valuation Limited.
New Zealand Mercantile Wools Limited.
New Zealand Musculoskeletal Medicine Initiative Limited.
New Zealand Sino-Medical Association Limited.
Newtech Trenz Limited.
Newton Service Centre Limited.
Nicanor Executive Services Limited.
Niche Mart (1999) Limited.
Nio Investments 1976 Limited.
Noebar Manufacturing Limited.
Nordiste Investments Limited.
North Harbour Foil Centre Limited.
North Island Cable Tv Pvt Limited.
Northern Health Limited.
Northern Holdings Limited.
Northern Medical Assistance Limited.
Northern Metal Interiors Limited.
Northern Net Marketing Limited.
Notre Holdings Limited.
Nursing Bureau Auckland Limited.
Nutritious Products Of NZ Limited.
Oakfield Truffiere Limited.
Oakland Funeral Home Limited.
Oaklands Holdings Limited.
Oakley Creek Service Station Limited.
Off The Edge Limited.
Office Of Progressive Architecture Limited.
Office Valet Home And Garden Limited.
Okipac Corporation Limited.
On Site Gas Systems Limited.
On Your Bike Mate! NZ Limited.
Onassis Shipping New Zealand Limited.
Onekainga Limited.
Ontrak Signs Limited.
Ora Enterprises Limited.
Otahuhu Wheel Alignment Specialists Limited.
P J Consulting Limited.
P-J's Limited.
P. Stamm & Co. Limited.
Pacific Choice Limited.
Pacific Consulting Limited.
Pacific Global Sports Management Limited.
Pacific Industrial Trading Co Limited.
Pakuranga Trading Company Limited.
Panacea (NZ) Limited.
Panda Developments Limited.
Panesar Furniture Centre (Clendon) Limited.
Panoramic Investments Limited.
Pantexa Investments Limited.
Papa Music Limited.
Papakura Cycles Limited.
Paper Dart Productions Limited.
Paradigm Enterprises Limited.
Paradise Natural New Zealand Limited.
Parnell United Travel Limited.
Pars Quality Imports Limited.
PASC Limited.
Paskal (NZ) Limited.
Patlor Holdings Limited.
Patrick Draper Limited.
Paul James Contract Services Limited.
PC Hospital Corporate Limited.
PC2000 Limited.
Peace and Glory Society Limited.
Peace Software North America Limited.
Peachtree Software (N.Z.) Limited.
Pentaluck Company Limited.
Peoples Choice Limited.
Perfect Image Limited.
Perfect Incorporation Limited.
Petcare Medical Limited.
Peter Williams & Co Limited.
Phillips Development Limited.
Phoenician Enterprises Limited.
Phoenix 2000 Limited.
Phoenix Grand Prix Limited.
Pied Piper Enterprises Limited.
Pilot International Limited.
Pine Bluff Holdings Limited.
PK Electronics (NZ) Limited.
Plaster Scene Limited.
Plastic City Limited.
Plaza Tower Enterprises Limited.
Pleasure Foods Limited.
Pomdally Limited.
Posa Engineering Limited.
Possibilities UnLtd Limited.
Power Inn Limited.
PPSR Limited.
Precise Property Management Limited.
Premier Finance Limited.
Pressure Welding Limited.
Prestige Equipment New Zealand Limited.
Prime Care Limited.
Primo Bags Limited.
Principal Media Limited.
Private Investment Society Trustee Limited.
Priyanka Pacific Limited.
Proactive Solutions Limited.
Proctor Scaffolding Limited.
Professional Secretarial Services Limited.
Profit Booster International Limited.
Projects 1999 Limited.
Promo 1 Limited.
Prompt Deliveries Limited.
Protecta Limited.
PRT Investments Limited.
Pure Foods Limited.
Purewal Enterprises Limited.
Qualida Distributors Limited.
Quatro Tiling Limited.
R & F Kelly Plumbing Limited.
R & I Craig Limited.
R + S Weeks Limited.
R J Pascoe Carriers Limited.
R R Rex & Sons Limited.
R S C Marine Limited.
R W., E M., & R B Lister Limited.
Radiant Technology Limited.
Rainbow Live Tarot Limited.
Raj Video Home and Food Distributors Limited.
Rambler Trust Company Limited.
Rasterex (Pacific) Limited.
Ratanui Park Lodge (1999) Limited.
Rays Service Station Limited.
Ready Form No.1 Limited.
Real Estate Support Services Limited.
Recalculation Services Limited.
Recount Limited.
Recycled Elegance Limited.
Redwood Group (No 5) Limited.
Reef Fiji Group Limited.
Reel McCoy Pictures Limited.
Regal Merchandising Co Limited.
Reliable Motors Limited.
Resolution Engineering Limited.
Resource Services Limited.
Response Multi-Mail Limited.
Retail Insights Limited.
Richard Glenn & Associates ( New Zealand ) Limited.
Rimstan Holdings Limited.
Roadhaul Finance Limited.
Roadhaul Leasing Company Limited.
Rocco Limited.
Rochelle Tuna Co. (NZ) Limited.
Rocsci International Limited.
Rojon Limited.
Roval Plastics Limited.
Royal Mafhh Limited.
RRS Group Holdings Limited.
S & D Lovell Limited.
S A L Excavations Limited.
S J Sullivan Limited.
S M Consulting Limited.
Sacramento Stage Iii Limited.
Safe Drive Limited.
Safwan Holding Limited.
Salon La Paris Limited.
Salthouse Marine Group Limited.
Sana Trading Limited.
Sat - Kul Enterprise Limited.
Satellite Direct Limited.
Satnam International Limited.
Scandic (N.Z.) Limited.
Scarabus Productions Limited.
Schipper Drainage Limited.
Scott Robson Design Limited.
Scown Developments Limited.
SDH Systems Limited.
Sean Barraclough Limited.
Sebenza Limited.
Segar Holdings Limited.
Sentry Call Centre Limited.
Seoul Trade Centre (N.Z.) Limited.
Sepia Limited.
Seraph Corp 2000 Limited.
Sharps Garage Limited.
Shelf Company No.33 Limited.
Sheppard Truck & Machinery Sales Limited.
Shonik Enterprises Limited.
Shude Pharmaceuticals New Zealand Limited.
Silver Fern Entertainment Agency Limited.
Silver Tiger Limited.
Simply Brilliant Communications Limited.
Sino Dynasty (NZ) Limited.
Sipka (N.Z.) Limited.
Ski And Tramp Limited.
Sky High Beds Limited.
Skyway Cleaning Australia Limited.
Smooth Motor Services Limited.
SMP Consulting Limited.
Softwords Consulting Limited.
Soji International Limited.
Sonar Properties Limited.
South Auckland Traders Limited.
South Auckland Vehicle Storage Limited.
South Pacific Agriculture Limited.
South Pacific Wholesale Cars Limited.
South Vending Services Limited.
Southern Crossings (European Division) Limited.
Southern Scenic Airways Limited.
Southsport Limited.
Sovereign Consultants Limited.
Sovereign Developments Limited.
Special F.X. (House And Vehicle Cleaners) Limited.
Special Projects Consultants Limited.
Specialist Food Laboratories Limited.
Spencer & Costelloe Limited.
Spin City Limited.
Sponsorship Information Services (NZ) Limited.
Sportscraft (New Zealand) Limited.
Spotmarket Financial Services Limited.
Springfield Service Centre Limited.
Sprint Technology Limited.
SPT Management Limited.
SSN Prolific Limited.
Standard 1110 Limited.
Stanford Consulting Limited.
Stern Furs International Limited.
Stewart Scott Manufacturing Limited.
Stingray Services Limited.
Stirling Sports South Auckland Limited.
Stockton And Associates Limited.
Store Well Limited.
Storm Marketing Limited.
Straight Line Communications Limited.
Stratagem Lifestyles Corporation NZ Limited.
Strategic Results Limited.
Strathmore Park Productions Limited.
Strong Mark (NZ) Limited.
Studio 54 Limited.
Sultang Investments Limited.
Sunda International Engineering Limited.
Supernurse Limited.
Surf. Co. NZ Limited.
Survival Technology Limited.
Swan-Son Limited.
Sylvan Limited.
T & T Freighting Company Limited.
T & V Polynesian Music Centa Limited.
T B A Limited.
T House Limited.
T K Trading Limited.
T.A. Valuation Limited.
T.L. Chemplex Automotive Group Limited.
Taitatsu (NZ) Limited.
Takatu Marine Hatchery Limited.
Tamahu Gardens Limited.
Tamaki Developments Limited.
Tamara Developments Limited.
Tania Michael Limited.
Tara Co. Limited.
Target Financial Services Limited.
Tasco Tool And Saw Limited.
Tasty Bite Foods Limited.
Taxi Combined N.Z. Limited.
Taxi Whakatane Limited.
Te Hau Moko Limited.
Te Hiku O Te Ika Fisheries Limited.
Te Puke Ginseng Limited.
Teamtrak Limited.
Techno Focus Limited.
Telgar Limited.
Tepid Baths Physiotherapy Limited.
Terra Amata Consulting Limited.
Thai Plastering Limited.
The Ascot Heart Group Limited.
The Auckland Film Company (1999) Limited.
The Auckland Joinery Shop Limited.
The Big Red Plumbing And Gas Company Limited.
The Booms Limited.
The Bull Bar Limited.
The Car People Company Limited.
The Celebrity Book Company Limited.
The Community College Of New Zealand Limited.
The Financial Group of New Zealand Limited.
The Foot and Body Butler Limited.
The Fresh Food Company (Auckland) Limited.
The Green Escape Limited.
The Home Delivery Company Limited.
The Hot Iron Company Limited.
The Italian Connection Limited.
The Lin's Great Roasts Limited.
The Little Green Dress Company Limited.
The Lynn Mall Linen Cupboard Limited.
The Moving Bed Company Limited.
The Net (Invercargill) Limited.
The Original Pinati's Food Company Limited.
The Pacific Trust Company Limited.
The Phantom Wholesale Car Company Limited.
The Rite Cleaners NZ Limited.
The Ritz Corporation (NZ) Limited.
The Safe Food Training Company Limited.
The Tin Shed Bakery Limited.
The Viaduct Tavern Limited.
The Wealth Source Company Limited.
The Wild Thyme Bus Company Limited.
The Wooden Glove Limited.
Thomas Group Limited.
Tims Autos Limited.
Tipping Smith Limited.
Tochigi Motors Company Limited.
Toi Tu Haere Limited.
Tokatoka Tavern Limited.
Top Pro Sports Limited.
Topclass Construction Limited.
Topline Wholesale Limited.
Total Beauty Limited.
Total Technology Solutions Limited.
Totally Clean Limited.
Towelette Sachets Limited.
Trade Exchange International Limited.
Trading Environments Limited.
Trans-European Network Limited.
Transcourt Limited.
Transportation, Logistics & Containers Limited.
Tranzco International Limited.
Travel Software Training Limited.
Trend Imports Limited.
Triknight Construction And Investment Limited.
Trio Industries Limited.
Triones Trading (NZ) Limited.
Triple Eight Holdings Limited.
Triple Hook Limited.
Triumph Group Holdings Limited.
Trueth International Trading Limited.
Trust Me Tours Limited.
Tsuili (N.Z.) Company Limited.
Tuchenhagen (NZ) Limited.
Turboworks Limited.
Twins Limited.
Two Tall Brothers Limited.
Tycoon Topics Limited.
Typan Construction Limited.
Tyrex For Tyres Limited.
UCAN Limited.
UMI Sushi Limited.
United Diesel Limited.
Urban Chefs Limited.
V - Kool (NZ) Limited.
V And W. Wanoa Coachlines Limited.
V Wakem & Sons Limited.
V.F.M. Sports Marketing Limited.
Valentines Wellington (1998) Limited.
Value Chain Solutions Limited.
Vella Corporation Limited.
Venture Capital Exchange Limited.
Verbatim Processing Limited.
Verdancy Limited.
Vesan R & D Limited.
Vesi Enterprises Limited.
Vete Food & Produce Company Limited.
Viaduct Events Hospitality Limited.
Vibro Engineered Cements Pty Limited.
Viking Management Limited.
Villatech Limited.
Visual Education Limited.
Viva Glamour Limited.
W.C & H.C Gin Enterprises Limited.
Waiheke Island Fitness Club Limited.
Waiheke Nationwide Jewellers Limited.
Waitakere Osteopathic Centre Limited.
Waitemata Backcare Beds (North Shore) Limited.
Walker's Industrial Tyres Limited.
Warco Shelf No 11 Limited.
Warco Shelf No 12 Limited.
Warco Shelf No 15 Limited.
Warco Shelf No 16 Limited.
Warco Shelf No 17 Limited.
Warco Shelf No 2 Limited.
Warco Shelf No 23 Limited.
Warco Shelf No 33 Limited.
Warco Shelf No 4 Limited.
Warco Shelf No 41 Limited.
Warco Shelf No 45 Limited.
Warco Shelf No 50 Limited.
Warco Shelf No 59 Limited.
Warco Shelf No 8 Limited.
Waroholt Limited.
Water Reticulation & Associated Services Limited.
Waterless And Environmental Systems (NZ) Limited.
Watermark Holdings Limited.
Watts and Johns Wholesale Cars Limited.
Wear Tough (NZ) Limited.
Web Link Limited.
Web Studio Limited.
Well Covered Limited.
Welldene Holdings Limited.
Wellesley Gardens Limited.
Western Builders Supplies Limited.
Western Car Parts Brokers Limited.
Whangamata Plumbing Discounters Limited.
Whangarei Photographics Limited.
Wholesale Starters And Alternators Limited.
Wiley's Mechanical Repairs Limited.
Willis Properties Limited.
Wilson & Sons Limited.
Window Views Limited.
Winma Property Management Limited.
Woodland Construction Group Limited.
Woodya Limited.
Workfutures.Com Limited.
World Wide Property Developers Limited.
Worldwide Communications Limited.
Worldwide Weather Underwriting Agencies (New Zealand) Limited.
Wright Technologies (N.Z.) Limited.
WWW Limited.
X-Cell Limited.
Xacts Belts And Buttons (1998) Limited.
Xellent Holdings (NZ) Limited.
Xincheng Group Limited.
XLR8 Sales Limited.
XYZ Limited.
Yak Sing No. 33 Limited.
Yellow Holdings Limited.
Young Australia 2000 (NZ) Limited.
Z Tiles Limited.
Zajac Holdings Limited.
Zenith Software Limited.
Ziberstein (Auckland) Limited.
Contact for Inquiries: The Help Desk, telephone
(0508) 266 726.
Postal Address for Written Objections: The Registrar
of Companies, National Processing Centre, Private Bag
92-061, Auckland Mail Centre.
Facsimile Number for Written Objections: (09) 912 7787.
NEVILLE HARRIS, Registrar of Companies.