Notice Type
Notice Title

Notice of Intention to Remove Companies From the Register

I intend to remove the under-mentioned companies from the Register under section 318 of the Companies Act 1993.
I am satisfied that these companies have ceased to carry on business and there is no other reason for these companies to continue in existence.
Written objections to the company's removal, specifying the grounds relied on, can be made under section 321 of the Companies Act 1993. These must be delivered to the District Registrar of Companies at Hamilton within
20 working days of publication of this notice.
11 Oaks Farm Limited.
3works Limited.
A & E Holdings Limited.
A.S.D. Investments Limited.
Alarmtek Limited.
Alewide Limited.
Apex Horse Floats And Trailers Limited.
Avedon Holdings Limited.
Ball & Crawshaw World Travel Limited.
Barry Payne Associates Limited.
Bev Adlam Associates Limited.
C.M. Michau Limited.
Ca$H 111 Limited.
Campbell Draglines Limited.
Camping And Outdoors Limited.
Camshaft Limited.
Carisbrook Holdings Limited.
Commercial Property Specialists Limited.
Computel NZ Limited.
Concept Marketing Limited.
Cradock Sportsworld Limited.
Crowley Brothers Limited.
Cybertal Industries Limited.
Dave Bashford Contracting Limited.
Debeger Newey Heperi Associates Limited.
Deer Group (NZ) Limited.
Denward Limited.
Door To Door Debt Recovery Limited.
East End Autos Limited.
Easterbrook & Warmke Limited.
Eastland Fish Supply Limited.
Eddy Farm (Tikokino) Limited.
Eddy's Pharmacy Limited.
Educational Advisory Service Limited.
Elite Trading Limited.
Elliffe's Appliance World Limited.
Eloise Products Limited.
Endeavour Lodge Motel Limited.
Envirofarm Products Limited.
Eye-Care Holdings Limited.
Finest Touch Plasterers Limited.
Fire Advisory Services Limited.
Fluid Holdings Limited.
Frank Shields Painting & Paperhanging Limited.
Freshway Freightlines (Hamilton) Limited.
G T & J H Flashman Limited.
G.R. & I.M. Barr Limited.
Galloway Investments Limited.
Gary Walmsley Builders Limited.
Ginseng NZ International Limited.
Hamcam Holdings Two Limited.
Hamilton Forests Limited.
Hamilton Realty Limited.
Harrison Games Limited.
Heartland Homes Limited.
Henbrook Holdings Limited.
Hirise Hang Gliding Limited.
Hugh Miller Limited.
I.L. Brown Design and Draft (Rotorua) Limited.
Indcoat Investments (NZ) Limited.
Indi Holdings Limited.
Innovative Business Support Limited.
International Commerce (NZ) Limited.
Jadare Marketing Limited.
JMC Restaurants Limited.
Juliant Properties Limited.
Just Law No. 17 Limited.
K C Enterprises Limited.
Kaiaua Stock Traders Limited.
Kaiora Company Limited.
Kel Developments Limited.
Kevin & Cushla Morris Limited.
KJH Limited.
Lakeland T V & Stereo Limited.
Liberty International Limited.
Lightning Communications Limited.
Lloyd Holt Limited.
M & G Doyle Limited.
M & M Aldrich Limited.
M A & G M Wadsworth Limited.
M.K. Contracting Limited.
Maine Building Contractors Limited.
Malcol Enterprises Limited.
Mark Holloway's Proven Advertising Secrets Limited.
McCormack & Aitken Limited.
MDFS Limited.
Michael Fitt Limited.
Miniature Hereford NZ Limited.
Montane Tree Co. Limited.
Morrison Buildings (Mt.M.) Limited.
Mot Mot Holdings Limited.
Mountain View Golf Range Limited.
Muzo Holdings Limited.
N & S Todd Limited.
N A & G C Sargent Limited.
Nationwide Service Centres Limited.
New Zealand Kitchens Limited.
No Such Investments Limited.
North Harbour Promotions Limited.
Orange Free State Limited.
Original Accounting Limited.
Pacific Trustees & Nominees Limited.
Paparangi Consultancy Limited.
Parval Limited.
Peter Atkins Chemists Limited.
Pizza Togo Limited.
Plaig Investments Limited.
Plaster Master Limited.
Plateau Financial Services Limited.
Poppadum Restaurant Limited.
Portfolio Services Limited.
Powell Electrical Limited.
Precision Racing Syndicates Limited.
Prime Developments (Rotorua) Limited.
Pumps & Pools Limited.
R J Hodgson Limited.
Raffles Shelf (No 5) Limited.
Ray Knight Limited.
Reverse Bungy NZ Limited.
Riverslea Fish Supply Limited.
Riviera Construction Limited.
Rose Court Motel (1996) Limited.
Ryder Enterprises Limited.
Sadies Cleaning Ladies Limited.
SCE Group Limited.
SD Investments Limited.
Security Doors H.B. Limited.
Servicepower Limited.
Sharyn Builders Limited.
Sherwood Consultants Limited.
South Waikato Sports & Leisure Limited.
Spaceworld New Plymouth Limited.
Splash Pools Limited.
Sportluge Limited.
Sports & Events Marketing Limited.
Sportspromo Limited.
Stevys Labour Hire (1996) Limited.
Stratford Furniture Manufacturing Co. Limited.
Successful Image And Model Agency Limited.
Supreme Valet Services Limited.
T.K.O Investments Limited.
Taihape Cottage Garden Centre Limited.
Taranaki Grain Driers Limited.
Taraz Number One Limited.
Tauranga Travel For Less Limited.
Taylor Refrigeration Limited.
Te Awamutu Primary Exporters Limited.
Tempo Design Limited.
Tennyson Street Properties No 2 Limited.
The Framing Studio Limited.
The Glass Centre Limited.
The Mortgage Advice Centre Limited.
The Napier Wool Co (1998) Limited.
The Polish Shop Limited.
Transtar Aviation Limited.
Trevor Horne Limited.
Trout and About NZ Limited.
Tutchen Tarsealing (1985) Limited.
Uni-Green Resources Limited.
Valley Jewellers Limited.
Vaughans Ceramics Limited.
Versatile Products (Waikato) Limited.
Viking Enterprises Limited.
Vision Bureau Services Limited.
W & L Cooze Limited.
W & P Davis Holdings Limited.
Waimata Horticulture Limited.
Waipuke Enterprises Limited.
Warmington Welldrilling Limited.
Weekend Warriors Limited.
Wenetia Marketing Limited.
Western Bay Brokers Limited.
Western Catering Equipment Limited.
Westwood Mechanical Services Limited.
Whakamaro Farms Limited.
Whakapau Logging Limited.
Whangamata Hotel Limited.
Woodham Developments Limited.
Contact for Inquiries: The Help Desk, Telephone: (0508) 266 726.
Postal Address for Written Objections: The Registrar of Companies, National Processing Centre, Private Bag
92-061, Auckland Mail Centre.
Facsimile No. for Written Objections: (09) 912 7787.