From 1 July 2017, all applications and approvals for tariff concessions can be found on the New Zealand Customs Service website.

Amendments and withdrawals are published in the Gazette. These notices can be found under the Tariff Act.

Notice Type
Notice Title


Applications Advertised for Objection
Closing Date for Objections 16th January 2001

1 Notice is hereby given that the following applications have been made in respect of the goods advertised in the Schedule to this notice. Any person wishing to lodge an objection should do so in writing, to the Ministry of Economic Development, PO Box 1473, Wellington, Fax 0-4-474-2843 indicated by the reference number, before 16th January 2001. All submissions should include:
- the Tariff Industry Assistance (Advertisement) Notice number;
- the Tariff item; and
- Reference number.
2 All submissions from local manufacturers should include:
- the range of alternative goods made locally;
- the grounds on which objection is made (including reasons why the local product is a suitable alternative);
- present and potential output;
- details of factory cost in terms of materials, labour, overheads, including the proportion of domestic and imported content.
3 All submissions objecting to a request for the withdrawal of a concession should include:
- reasons why the local product on which protection is sought is not a suitable alternative;
- full technical details of the goods against which tariff protection is sought.
4 Where further information is required in order to make a submission an objector should contact the applicant in writing and refer a copy of the enquiry to the Ministry of Economic Development quoting the details in paragraph 1 above.

Part Appn. *Category
Tariff Name and Address II Ref. of
Item Description of Goods of Applicant Ref. No. Appn.

High density polyethylene container encased in steel frame on steel pallet, 99 997548K V
of a type used for the transport and storage of bulk liquids

High density polyethylene container, encased in steel frame on steel or IBC Systems 99 998221D V
plastic pallet of a type used for the transport and storage of bulk liquids PO Box 10-126

3926.90.69 Inspection and access junction chambers and fittings therefor for Marley NZ Ltd 99 998220F A
stormwater and sewage systems C/- MS International Ltd
PO Box 59150
Mangere Bridge

5107.20.00) Fire resistant yarns of aramid/wool blends Alliance Textiles NZ Ltd 99 998222B A
5509.91.00) 68 Mandeville Street

7010.93.90 330ml Amber Buzz bottles, 5 million units ACI Glass Packaging New Zealand 99 998223L IM
C/- Schenker International (NZ) Ltd
PO Box 73012

Category of Application:

A - General Approval
CE - Capital Equipment
IM - Inputs to Manufacturing - Inability to Supply
IP - Inadequate Production
MS - Manufacturers' Samples
RUC - Revocation of Unused Concession
S - Shortfall
SS - Special Situation
V - Variation of Existing Concession
W - Withdrawal of Concession
+ - Denotes amendment or addition

Dated at Wellington this 30th day of November 2000. V.A. MANKS, Ministry of Economic Development.