From 1 July 2017, all applications and approvals for tariff concessions can be found on the New Zealand Customs Service website.

Amendments and withdrawals are published in the Gazette. These notices can be found under the Tariff Act.

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Notice Title


Applications Advertised for Objection
Closing Date for Objections 13th June 2000

1 Notice is hereby given that the following applications have been made in respect of the goods advertised in the Schedule to this notice. Any person wishing to lodge an objection should do so in writing, to the Ministry of Commerce, PO Box 1473, Wellington, Fax 0-4-474-2843 indicated by the reference number, before 13th June 2000. All submissions should include:
- the Tariff Industry Assistance (Advertisement) Notice number;
- the Tariff item; and
- Reference number.
2 All submissions from local manufacturers should include:
- the range of alternative goods made locally;
- the grounds on which objection is made (including reasons why the local product is a suitable alternative);
- present and potential output;
- details of factory cost in terms of materials, labour, overheads, including the proportion of domestic and imported content.
3 All submissions objecting to a request for the withdrawal of a concession should include:
- reasons why the local product on which protection is sought is not a suitable alternative;
- full technical details of the goods against which tariff protection is sought.
4 Where further information is required in order to make a submission an objector should contact the applicant in writing and refer a copy of the enquiry to the Ministry of Commerce quoting the details in paragraph 1 above.

Part Appn. *Category
Tariff Name and Address II Ref. of
Item Description of Goods of Applicant Ref. No. Appn.

3402.13.00 Cleaner, organic, non-ionic surface active, suitable for the printing industry Flint Ink NZ Ltd 99 997847L A
C/- Gateway Cargo Systems
PO Box 53074

3926.90.69 GPS holder with suction cup and flexible shaft Talon Technology 99 997845D A
C/- Compass Customs Brokers Ltd
PO Box 73097

7010.93.70 250ml glass 'bellolio' bottles, quantity 100,000 - valid to 30 April 2001 Newpro Industries Ltd 99 997851J IM
PO Box 21-197

7010.93.70 250ml glass juice bottle, 300,000 units - valid to 30 April 2001 Newpro Industries Ltd 99 997849G IM
PO Box 21-197

7010.93.90 370ml 'dip' jar ref 370/1, quantity 1,000,000 - valid to 31 December 2000 Newpro Industries Ltd 99 997850L IM
PO Box 21-197

Cormach truck cranes 99 994978L V
Model/series: 4,000, 12,000, 13,500, 15,000, 16,400, 19,000, 21,000,
22,000, 28,000, 30,000, 38,000, 40,000, 60,000, 60,200, 80,000,
87,000, 120,000, M501, M804, M1201

Cormach truck cranes All Crane Sales & Service 99 997848J V
Model/series: 4,000, 12,000, 13,500, 15,000, 16,400, 19,000, 21,000, C/- PO Box 53045
22,000, 28,000, 30,000, 38,000, 40,000, 60,000, 60,200, 80,000, AUCKLAND AIRPORT
+ 87,000, 120,000, M501, M804, M1201, 255E

85.44 Starter and earth cables, HT leads and sets suitable for the following Honda (NZ) Ltd 99 997131K A
Honda vehicles; C/- Mondiale Freight Ltd
Part No Part Description Car Model PO Box 55004
32410-SO4-E32 Starter Civic AUCKLAND AIRPORT
32410-SO4-GO2 Starter Civic
32410-SO4-S10 Starter Civic
32410-SO4-S90 Starter Civic
32410-S10-E00 Starter CR-V
32410-S2H-G00 Starter HR-V
32410-S50-G00 Starter Logo
32410-SK7-A01 Starter Integra
32410-SL0-003 Starter NSX
32410-SM4-000 Starter Accord
32410-SP0-A01 Starter Legend
32410-SR2-E01 Starter CRX
32410-SR3-A01 Starter Civic
32410-SS0-000 Starter Prelude
32410-ST7-Q01 Starter Integra
32410-SV4-000 Starter Accord
32410-SX0-A00 Starter Odyssey
32410-SZ3-003 Starter Legend
32412-S30-000 Starter Prelude
32410-SS0-910 Earth Prelude
32600-S04-A02 Earth Civic
32600-S04-E02 Earth Civic
32600-S04-E02 Earth CRX
32600-S04-E02 Earth Civic
Tariff Industry Assistance (Advertisement) Notice No. 2000/18 - continued

Part Appn. *Category
Tariff Name and Address II Ref. of
Item Description of Goods of Applicant Ref. No. Appn.

32600-S10-T00 Earth CR-V
32600-S2H-G00 Earth HR-V
32600-S30-000 Earth Prelude
32600-S50-G00 Earth Logo
32600-S84-A00 Earth Accord
32600-S84-A10 Earth Accord
32600-S87-A00 Earth Accord
32600-SK7-A01 Earth Integra
32600-SLO-003 Earth NSX
32600-SM4-A00 Earth Accord
32600-SPO-000 Earth Legend
32600-SR3-A01 Earth Civic
32600-SR3-A01 Earth Civic
32600-SR3-E01 Earth Integra
32600-SR3-E01 Earth CRX
32600-SSO-000 Earth Prelude
32600-SSO-911 Earth Prelude
32600-SV4-000 Earth Accord
32600-SV4-900 Earth Accord
32600-SXO-010 Earth Odyssey
32600-SZ3-003 Earth Legend
32610-S84-A00 Earth Accord
32610-S87-A10 Earth Accord
32610-SA7-000 Earth City
32610-SEO-000 Earth Accord
32700-PCA-003 HT Set Accord
32700-PC3-610 HT Set Accord
32700-PC3-630 HT Set Accord
32700-PTO-G00 HT Set Accord
32700-P13-000 HT Set Prelude
32700-P5L-003 HT Set Prelude
32700-P5M-003 HT Set Prelude
32700-689-000 HT Set Accord
32700-689-660 HT Set Accord
32720-PH6-305 HT Set Legend
32720-PH7-305 HT Set Legend
32720-PL2-900 HT Set Legend
32720-P8A-A02 HT Set Accord
32722-PC7-660 HT Set Prelude
32722-PD3-632 HT Set Accord
32722-PD3-630 HT Set Accord
32722-PE3-660 HT Set Shuttle
32722-PE3-660 HT Set Civic
32722-PE7-662 HT Set Shuttle
32422-PE7-662 HT Set Civic
32722-PE8-731 HT Set City
32722-PG7-A00 HT Set Integra
32722-PG7-661 HT Set Integra
32722-PG7-661 HT Set Civic
32722-PHI-602 HT Set Accord
32722-PH3-305 HT Set Accord
32722-PH7-305 HT Set Legend
32722_PJ5-621 HT Set Accord
32722-PKI-621 HT Set Prelude
32722-PK2-601 HT Set Prelude
32722-PL2-900 HT Set Legend
32722-PMI-B01 HT Set Civic
32722-PM3-010 HT Set Concerto
32722-PM6-B00 HT Set Civic
32722-PM6-B00 HT Set Shuttle
32722-PM7-020 HT Set Civic
32722-PR3-000 HT Set Civic
32722-PR4-A01 HT Set Integra
32722-PV3-000 HT Set Ascot
32722-PO1-000 HT Set Civic
32722-P2A-003 HT Set Civic
32722-P2T-000 HT Set Accord
32722-P75-A01 HT Set CR-V
32722-P8A-A02 HT Set Accord
32700-P7A-J01 HT Set Logo
32704-P29-000 HT Leads Civic
32704-P30-010 HT Leads CRX-Desol
32704-P30-010 HT Leads Integra
32704-P5L-003 HT Leads Prelude
32704-P5M-003 HT Leads Prelude
32704-P54-000 HT Leads Integra
32704-P75-A00 HT Leads CR-V
32704-P8A-A01 HT Leads Accord
32705-PL2-900 HT Leads Accord
32705-P8A-A01 HT Leads Accord
32706-P8A-A01 HT Leads Accord
32710-634-003 HT Leads Civic
32712-634-003 HT Leads Civic
Tariff Industry Assistance (Advertisement) Notice No. 2000/18 - continued

Part Appn. *Category
Tariff Name and Address II Ref. of
Item Description of Goods of Applicant Ref. No. Appn.

32713-634-003 HT Leads Civic
32714-634-003 HT Leads Civic
32701-PCA-003 HT Leads Odyssey
32701-PEJ-004 HT Leads HR-V
32701-PM3-000 HT Leads Concerto
32701-PM3-000 HT Leads Shuttle
32701-PM3-000 HT Leads Civic
32701-PR4-A01 HT Leads Integra
32701-PTO-000 HT Leads Accord
32701-PTO-000 HT Leads Prelude
32701-POA-A00 HT Leads Accord
32701-POB-A00 HT Leads Accord
32701-POB-A00 HT Leads Odyssey
32701-POH-A00 HT Leads Accord
32701-PO1-000 HT Leads Civic
32701-P13-A00 HT Leads Prelude
32701-P14-A00 HT Leads Prelude
32701-P2A-003 HT Leads Civic
32701-P29-000 HT Leads Civic
32701-P2T-000 HT Leads Civic
32701-P30-010 HT Leads CRX-Desol
32701-P30-010 HT Leads Integra
32701-P5L-003 HT Leads Prelude
32701-P5M-003 HT Leads Prelude
32701-P54-000 HT Leads Integra
32701-P75-A00 HT Leads CR-V
32701-P8A-A01 HT Leads Accord
32702-PCA-003 HT Leads Odyssey
32702-PEJ-004 HT Leads HR-V
32702-PM3-000 HT Leads Concerto
32702-PM3-000 HT Leads Shuttle
32702-PM3-000 HT Leads Civic
32702-PM7-010 HT Leads Integra
32702-PR4-A00 HT Leads Prelude
32702-PR4-A00 HT Leads Accord
32702-PR4-A01 HT Leads Integra
32702-PTO-000 HT Leads Prelude
32702-PTO-000 HT Leads Accord
32702-POA-AOO HT Leads Accord
32702-POB-AOO HT Leads Accord
32702-POB-A00 HT Leads Odyssey
32702-POH-A00 HT Leads Accord
32702-PO1-000 HT Leads Civic
32702-P13-000 HT Leads Prelude
32702-P14-A00 HT Leads Accord
32702-P2A-003 HT Leads Civic
32702-P2T-000 HT Leads Civic
32702-P29-000 HT Leads Civic
32702-P30-010 HT Leads CRX-Desol
32702-P30-010 HT Leads Integra
32702-P5L-003 HT Leads Prelude
32702-P5M-003 HT Leads Prelude
32702-P54-000 HT Leads Integra
32702-P75-A00 HT Leads CR-V
32702-P8A-A01 HT Leads Accord
32703-PCA-003 HT Leads Odyssey
32703-PEJ-004 HT Leads HR-V
32703-PM3-000 HT Leads Concerto
32703-PM3-000 HT Leads Shuttle
32703-PM3-000 HT Leads Civic
32703-PR4-AO1 HT Leads Integra
32703-PTO-000 HT Leads Prelude
32703-PTO-000 HT Leads Accord
32703-POA-A00 HT Leads Accord
32703-POB-A00 HT Leads Accord
32703-POB-A00 HT Leads Odyssey
32703-POH-A00 HT Leads Accord
32703-POI-000 HT Leads Civic
32703-P13-000 HT Leads Prelude
32703-P14-A00 HT Leads Prelude
32703-P2A-003 HT Leads Civic
32703-P2T-000 HT Leads Accord
32703-P29-000 HT Leads Civic
32703-P30-010 HT Leads CRX-Desol
32703-P30-010 HT Leads Integra
32703-P5L-003 HT Leads Prelude
32703-P5M-003 HT Leads Prelude
32703-P54-000 HT Leads Integra
32703-P75-A00 HT Leads CR-V
32703-P8A-A01 HT Leads Accord
32704-PCA-003 HT Leads Odyssey
32704-PEJ-004 HT Leads HR-V
32704-PM3-000 HT Leads Concerto
Tariff Industry Assistance (Advertisement) Notice No. 2000/18 - continued

Part Appn. *Category
Tariff Name and Address II Ref. of
Item Description of Goods of Applicant Ref. No. Appn.

32704-PM3-000 HT Leads Shuttle
32704-PM3-000 HT Leads Civic
32704-PR4-A01 HT Leads Integra
32704-PTO-000 HT Leads Prelude
32704-PTO-000 HT Leads Accord
32704-POA-A00 HT Leads Accord
32704-POB-A00 HT Leads Accord
32704-POB-A00 HT Leads Odyssey
32704-POH-A00 HT Leads Accord
32704-PO1-000 HT Leads Civic
32704-P13-000 HT Leads Prelude
32704-P14-003 HT Leads Prelude
32704-P2A-003 HT Leads Civic
32704-P2T-000 HT Leads Accord

9503.90.19 Finger toy miniature collectables viz; snowboards, surfboards and Higher Ground Distribution Ltd 99 997846B A
skateboards C/- MSAS Global Logistics (NZ) Ltd
PO Box 14 215

Category of Application:

A - General Approval
CE - Capital Equipment
IM - Inputs to Manufacturing - Inability to Supply
IP - Inadequate Production
MS - Manufacturers' Samples
RUC - Revocation of Unused Concession
S - Shortfall
SS - Special Situation
V - Variation of Existing Concession
W - Withdrawal of Concession
+ - Denotes amendment or addition

Dated at Wellington this 18th day of May 2000. V.A. MANKS, Ministry of Commerce.