Notice Type
Charitable Trusts
Notice Title

Dissolution of Charitable Trusts

Section 26 (1) of the Charitable Trusts Act 1957
The Registrar of Incorporated Societies and Charitable Trusts is satisfied that the following charitable trusts have ceased to carry on their operations and accordingly, as from the date of this declaration, they have been dissolved.
Beneficiaries Advisory Service North Canterbury Trust CH. C.T. 691981.
Bowl-U-Over Sports Trust HN. C.T. 928830.
Japanese Garden Trust HN. C.T. 558658.
Kahuna Trust HN. C.T. 609745.
Luis Palau Waikato Mission HN. C.T. 320550.
South Waikato Business Enterprise Centre
HN. C.T. 350088.
South Waikato Community Heated Indoor Pool Trust HN. C.T. 411817.
Te Runanga O Ngaitu Trust HN. C.T. 1031814.
Te Whare O Te Whenua Charitable Trust
HN. C.T. 894520.
The Hebron House Trust HN. C.T. 456769.
The King Country Development Trust HN. C.T. 492806.
The Patea and District Community Medical Trust
HN. C.T. 586162.
The South Waikato Achievement Trust HN. C.T. 365776.
Wanganui Christian Restoration Youth Group Charitable Trust HN. C.T. 620260.
Dated this 16th day of November 2000.
MARION JUDITH SHANLEY, Assistant Registrar of Incorporated Societies.