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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Notification of Maritime Rules

Pursuant to section 448 of the Maritime Transport Act 1994, notification is hereby given of the making of the following maritime rules:
Part 31A-Amendment 1-Crewing and Watchkeeping-Unlimited, Offshore and Coastal (Non-Fishing Vessels)
Part 31B-Crewing and Watchkeeping-Offshore, Coastal and Restricted (Non-Fishing Vessels)
Part 31C-Crewing and Watchkeeping-Fishing Vessels
Part 40A-Design, Construction and Equipment-Passenger Ships which are not SOLAS ships
Part 40C-Design, Construction and Equipment-Non-Passenger Ships which are not SOLAS ships
Part 41-Anchors and Chain Cables
Part 42A-Safety Equipment-Lifesaving Appliances-Performance, Maintenance and Servicing
Part 42B-Safety Equipment-Fire Appliances-Performance Standards
Part 53-Pilot Transfer Arrangements and Ship-Helicopter Pilot Transfers
Parts 31A, 31B, 31C, 40A, 40C, 41, 42A, 42B and 53 shall come into force on 1 February 2001.
Parts 31A, 31B, 31C, 40A, 40C, 41, 42A, 42B and 53 are available for inspection at the Head Office of the Maritime Safety Authority, Level Eight, gen-i House, 109 Featherston Street, Wellington and for purchase from Baseline Management Limited, Level One, Graphic Images House, 35-39 Torrens Terrace, Wellington.
Dated at Wellington this 18th day of December 2000.
RUSSELL PAUL KILVINGTON, Director of Maritime Safety.