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Approval of Brake Testing Device in Accordance With the Requirements in the Traffic

Regulations 1976
Pursuant to Regulation 88 of the Traffic Regulations 1976, and pursuant to the powers delegated to me by the Director of Land Transport Safety, I, Laszlo Andras Hidvegi, Senior Engineer, Vehicle Policy, hereby approve the brake testing devices specified in Schedule 1 of this notice for the purpose of testing brakes according to the requirements of Regulation 68 of the Traffic Regulations 1976.
Schedule 1
Model: Billanmatic 45200 series for axle load up to 2500kg
43300 series for axle load up to 4000kg
44800 series for axle load up to 15000kg
44700 series for axle load up to 20000kg
This approval is valid for the variations of the above
devices that are either unmarked or marked with "-B" for twin framed, with "-2V" for two speed and with "-B-2V" for twin framed and two speed.
This approval is also valid for devices, which contain any versions of the above brake testing devices as part of a more complex vehicle testing equipment or any of the above brake testing devices is supplied with different display and recording or/and data processing equipment, marked as 7300; 7500; 7700; 8600 and 10000 series devices.
Dated at Wellington this 5th day of December 2000.
LASZLO ANDRAS HIDVEGI, Senior Engineer, Vehicle Policy.