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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Traffic Sign-Speed Limit (Threshold)

Pursuant to section 129 (6) of the Traffic Regulations 1976, and pursuant to a subdelegation from the Director of Land Transport Safety by an instrument dated the 3rd day of May 1999, I, John Paul Edgar, Manager Safer Roads, authorise the erection, installation and maintenance of the Regulatory Traffic Sign described in the Schedule to this notice for the purposes of regulation 128 (4) of the Traffic Regulations 1976. The sign may be used in substitution for the sign described as regulation 22 (a) Speed Limit (Normal) in Part IV, Fourth Schedule to the Traffic Regulations 1976.
Description of Traffic Sign
The Speed Limit (Threshold) permanent regulatory sign must conform to the layout depicted in the example diagram below and be in accordance with the following.
1. Shape and Size
Rectangular 1900mm wide, 2700mm high
2 Background colour
Reflectorised green background.
3. Border
Reflectorised white border.
4. Legend
(a) speed limit symbol:
shape and size-circle 1300mm diameter
background colour-reflectorised white
border-reflectorised white
legend-red roundel with 1200mm external diameter enclosing speed limit in kilometres an hour in black lettering 400mm high, stroke width 62mm.
(b) place name:
shape and size-lettering normally fitted within width of sign on one line as shown in the example and must be Modified Series E minimum 160mm high upper case and 120mm high lower case.
colour-reflectorised white
(c) greeting message:
shape and size - upper case lettering Series D of same size as the lower case lettering of the place name as shown in the example.
colour - reflectorised white

Dated at Wellington on this 26th day of May 2000.
JOHN PAUL EDGAR, Manager Safer Roads.