Notice Type
Authorities/Other Agencies of State
Notice Title

Declaration of Vehicle With Motorcycle Controls to be a Motorcycle

Pursuant to section 2 (1) of the Transport Act 1962,
I, Jeffrey Morris Fleury, Vehicle Compliance Officer, hereby declare that the vehicle described in Schedule 1 to be a motorcycle for the purposes of the said Act and any regulations under this Act, subject to the conditions specified in Schedule 2.
Schedule 1
Vehicle Details
Make: Rikochet
Model: Trike
Year of Manufacture: 1999
VIN: 7A8JX001199287928
Schedule 2
(i) This declaration may be revoked at any time;
(ii) A copy of this notice must be carried in the vehicle at all times and be readily available for inspection.
Signed at Dunedin this 8th day of May 2000.
JEFFREY MORRIS FLEURY, Vehicle Compliance Officer, acting under the authority delegated to me by way of instrument of delegation dated 3 May 1999.