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School Crossing Point Trial Amendment Notice

Pursuant to section 78 of the Transport Act 1962, and pursuant to a sub-delegation to me by the Director of Land Transport Safety by an instrument dated the 3rd day of May 1999, I, John Paul Edgar, Manager Safer Roads, hereby amend the "School Crossing Point Trial" notices dated the 9th day of January 1997*, 4th day of December 1998+ and 13th day of December 1999+ and issued pursuant to section 78 of the Transport Act 1962 by:
(a) Revoking those provisions of the notices specified in Schedule 1 of this notice; and
(b) Inserting in the notice dated the 9th day of January 1997* those provisions specified in Schedule 2 of this notice.
Schedule 1
The following Locations Approved are to be revoked:
1. Location referenced as No. 58 in the notice dated
4th day of December 1998+.
2. Locations referenced as Nos. 11, 17, 19 and 33 in the notice dated 13th day of December 1999 +.
Schedule 2
The following are to be inserted:
Locations Approved
(a) Christchurch City Council
1. Tomes Road, at a point, more or less, 170 metres north-easterly generally of Claremont Avenue (Paparoa Street School).
(b) Hamilton City Council
2. Deanwell Avenue, at a point, more or less, 160 metres southerly generally of Collins Road (Deanwell Primary School).
3. Lewis Street, at a point, more or less, 10 metres south-westerly generally of Splitt Avenue (Glenview Primary School).
(c) Horowhenua District Council
4. Thomas Place, Foxton Beach, at a point, more or less, 55 metres northerly generally of Nash Parade (Foxton Beach Primary School).
(d) Kaipara District Council
5. Gordon Street, Dargaville, at a point, more or less, 140 metres easterly generally of Carrington Street (Selwyn Park Primary School).
Dated at Wellington on this 22nd day of February 2000.
JOHN PAUL EDGAR, Manager Safer Roads.
* New Zealand Gazette, 16 January 1997, No. 95, page 103
+ New Zealand Gazette, 10 December 1998, No. 198, page 4699.
+ New Zealand Gazette, 16 December 1999, No.193, page 4607.