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Winding up/Liquidations
Notice of Resolution for Voluntary Winding Up In the matter of the Incorporated Societies Act 1908, and in the matter of Waitemata Aero Club Inc.: Notice is hereby given that by a duly signed entry in the minute book of the above-named association on the 14th day of November 1999, the following resolution was passed by the association, namely: (a) That the association be wound up voluntarily. (b) That Bernard Charles Kennelly of Auckland be and is hereby appointed liquidator for the purpose of winding up the affairs of the association. Inquiries May Be Directed By a Creditor or Member to the Liquidator at: P.O. Box 745, Papakura, or contacted during business hours by Telephone: (09) 298 9392. Dated this 15th day of November 1999. M. W. HARTLEY.
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25 Nov 1999

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