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Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Land Transfer Act Notice I hereby give notice of my intention to issue new or provisional instruments of title in place of those declared lost and described in the Schedule below upon the expiration of 14 days from the date of the publication in the New Zealand Gazette. Schedule (Certificate of title reference unless otherwise stated; registered proprietors name; application number.) 1. 50B/224; Housing New Zealand Limited; B. 734590.1. 2. 50B/225; Housing New Zealand Limited; B. 734590.1. 3. Lease A. 011620; Joy Margaret Robinson; B. 738615.1. 4. Lease 274889.6; Kerry William Hughes and Suzanne Lynne Hughes; B. 739520.1. 5. Lease 693396; Lesley Katrine Pope and Paul Noel Baigent; B. 739680.1. 6. 15D/1293; Lamaga Sosaia and Peaspea-Tala Sosaia; B. 739018.1. 7. D1/869; Murray Albert Dickens; B. 739843.1. 8. 7D/391; the proprietors of Atihau-Whanganui; B. 739151.1. 9. 951/43; Neil Jones Atkins and Lynette May Atkins; B. 734184.1. 10. 36A/936; Robert Kerei and Te Ara Kerei; B. 734757.1. 11. Mortgage B. 156428.1; Bank of New Zealand; B. 734757.1. 12. Lease 073424.2; Richard Malcolm Workman and Susan Mary Workman; B. 739536.1. Dated at the Wellington Land Information New Zealand Office this 26th day of August 1999. COLLEEN MANU, for Registrar-General of Land.
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2 Sep 1999

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