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Revocation of the Reservation Over a Reserve and Specifying the Manner of Disposal and How Proceeds of Sale Shall be Utilised Pursuant to section 24 of the Reserves Act 1977, and to a delegation from the Minister of Conservation, the Community Relations Manager, Otago Conservancy, Department of Conservation, hereby revokes the reservation as a recreation reserve over the land described in the Schedule hereto, and further, declares that the said land may be sold by The Dunedin City Council on such terms and conditions as the council shall determine, the proceeds from any such sale to be paid into the council's reserves account, such moneys to be used and applied in or towards the improvement of other reserves under the control of the council or in or towards the purchase of other land for reserves. Schedule Otago Land District Dunedin City Council 5.9116 hectares, more or less, being part D.P. 6568, Lot 1, D.P. 10300, part Lots 1 and 2 D.P. 12686, situated in Wakari Survey District. Certificate of tile 17C/596. Dated at Dunedin this 2nd day of February 1999. I. R. H. WHITWELL, Community Relations Manager. (DOC 8/3/517, 144/644)
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11 Feb 1999

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