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Childcare Assistance Amendment (No. 4) Pursuant to section 124 (1) (d) of the Social Security Act 1964, I, Roger Morrison Sowry, Minister of Social Services, Work and Income, approve the following amendment to the Childcare Assistance welfare programme (as established and approved by me on 19 December 1998) to come into effect on the day after its publication in the Gazette. Dated this 15th day of November 1999. ROGER SOWRY, Minister of Social Services, Work and Income. Amendment In clause 2 (1), the definition of the term ``income'' is amended by inserting in paragraph (a), after the word ``benefit'', the words ``(other than an orphan's benefit or an unsupported child's benefit)''. Explanatory Note This note is not part of the amendment but is intended to indicate its general effect. This amendment removes orphans' benefits and unsupported children's benefits from being counted as income for the purpose of the Childcare Assistance welfare programme.
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18 Nov 1999

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