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Teacher Registration Board Fees Increase in Fees From the 1st day of July 1999, the fee which teachers pay for registration and limited authority to teach will need to increase from $15 per year ($45 every 3 years) to $20 per year ($60 every 3 years). There are good reasons for this and it is important that all teachers are aware of them. The registration system is for teachers, and is funded by teachers. It is not just a legal requirement, but also a professional commitment. It is crucial for the development and status of the profession. Since June 1998, the Teacher Registration Board has received no funding from the Government, and therefore relies on teachers' fees to support its operations. The registration system is the legal and professional means by which teachers enter the profession, maintain their place in the profession, and are removed from it if they no longer deserve to be there. The board is concerned about working towards improving professional standards for both teaching and teacher education. It is also concerned about promoting the performance and status of teachers within the education sector and community at large. Some of the roles the board performs are: providing advice and guidance to teachers and teacher educators; determining the criteria for registration; issuing practising certificates and authorities; maintaining a register of teachers; de-registering teachers who no longer meet the criteria for registration; advising, approving and monitoring teacher education programmes; giving advice to a range of agencies on teacher performance standards; working with teacher agencies and groups on matters relating to teaching; negotiating reciprocal arrangements for New Zealand teachers in other countries; promoting activities aimed at improving the professional standing, performance and ethical standards of teachers; and maintaining a profile on all matters related to raising the quality of teaching and learning. These functions simply can not be successfully carried out on the present fee. The board is certain that all teachers value the importance of a rigorous professional registration system, one that gives them pride to be a teacher. To that end, it is hoped that teachers see the need to maintain, and even extend, the board's functions and understand why the increase is needed. Teacher Registration Board Fees From 1 July 1999 Pursuant to section X of the Education Act 1989, the following fees (G.S.T. inclusive) will be charged by the Teacher Registration Board: Each application for registration (For successful applicants this fee includes the cost of the practising certificate.) $60.00 Renewal of a 3 year practising certificate $60.00 Duplicate practising certificate or certificate of registration $40.00 Duplicate certificate of registration $30.00 Renewal of a limited authority to teach, per annum or part thereof $20.00 Duplicate limited authority to teach $20.00 Bank charges or third party charges incurred by the registration board in processing applications or authorities, will be additional. LYALL PERRIS, Chairperson, Teacher Registration Board. Dr JOHN LANGLEY, Director.
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3 Jun 1999

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