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New Zealand (Emergency) Food Standard 1998 Section 11g of the Food Act 1981 The New Zealand (Emergency) Food Standard 1998, was issued by Karen O. Poutasi (Dr), Director-General of Health on 28 July 1998. Copies of New Zealand (Emergency) Food Standard 1998, are available at no charge from the Ministry of Health, 133 Molesworth Street (P.O. Box 5013), Wellington. Facsimile: (04) 496 2340. The New Zealand (Emergency) Food Standard 1998, came into force on the 28 July 1998. Explanatory Note: This Emergency Standard relates to confirmed complaints about the presence of extraneous matter (glass) in Chinese rice wine caused by damage to the bottle during the bottling process. While this Standard is in force all rice wine from China will be monitored and assessed for this fault.
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30 Jul 1998

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