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Australia New Zealand Food Authority Food Standards The Australia New Zealand Food Authority advises progress on the following matters relating to Food Standards. You can get further information on these matters in information papers available from: The Officer Administrator Australia New Zealand Food Authority P.O. Box 10-559 The Terrace WELLINGTON Telephone: (04) 473 9942 Facsimile: (04) 473 9855 Email: Folate Health Claims Proposal (P170). Notice is hereby given that the authority proposes to advertise on 23 September 1998 a shortened public comment period for products recommended to be allowed to carry a folate health claim. Matters at Full Assessment The authority has made preliminary assessments, accepted the following applications and will now make full assessments of them: Maximum Residue Limits (A356 and A361). Two applications received on 9 January 1998 and 24 July 1998 from the National Registration Authority to amend Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) for a number of agricultural chemicals. In accordance with the transitional arrangements for food standards between Australia and New Zealand, individual country MRLs for agricultural and veterinary chemicals continue to apply for these standards and this application proposes changes for MRLs for food sold in Australia, whether imported or domestically produced. Matters at Inquiry The authority will conduct inquiries into the draft standards or variations to standards prepared at full assessment of the following: Methylene Chloride for Decaffeination of Tea (A358). An application received on 6 April 1998 from Tetley Australia Pty Limited to extend the use of methylene chloride (a processing aid) for the decaffeination of tea. Fish and Fish Products (P183). A proposal to revise current Australian and New Zealand regulations in order to develop a joint Australia New Zealand food standard for fish and fish products. With respect to this application and proposal the authority is satisfied that they both raise issues of minor significance and complexity and that to omit to invite public submissions prior to making a full assessment will not have a significant adverse effect on the interests of any person or body. The authority has therefore decided to omit to invite public submissions prior to making full assessments. You are invited to present written submissions to the authority on the above matters, including the potential regulatory impact on consumers, industry and government, by 28 October 1998. The information papers on these matters provide further information, including advice on the authority's policy regarding submissions. Application Withdrawn The following application has been withdrawn at full assessment by the applicant: Natamycin for the Surface Treatment of Shredded and Grated Cheese (A261). An application received from Gist-brocades (formerly Mauri Laboratories) on 20 June 1995 to permit the use of natamycin for the surface treatment of shredded and grated cheese to prevent unwanted growth of yeast and moulds. The application has been withdrawn by the applicant in order to allow an appropriate length of time to generate the additional information requested by the authority. It is anticipated that the application will be re-submitted when the relevant information is available.
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17 Sep 1998

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